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I'm getting tanned down there

I'm getting tanned down there

Guys… this is frightening… I don’t know if it has ever happened to you, but my penis is getting tanned after a few weeks of PE. It used to be pink when I started, now it’s getting bigger but at the same time it’s getting darker. This colour reminds me of George Michael in his Wham! days… honestly, I could almost swear I’ve heard my willy singing “Wake me up before you go-go, la la la la ” today as I was jelqing it…

Frightening… is this normal?

Well, I’m trying to make some fun out of this, but it scares me a bit… I wanted a black sized penis, but want it to remain the same colour! LOL

It’s normal. There are threads out there dealing with the aspects of discoloration. Someone even removed his (severe) discoloration by peeling the skin on his shaft several times (thread title was “Shedding the snake” or something)… I myself have noticed a darker skin color too since I’ve begun my current PE cycle.

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.


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