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I'm definately going to start the newbie routine

I'm definately going to start the newbie routine

Hi I’m wanting to start the newbie routine not really for length or girth gains just for better penile health. My girls happy with what I’ve got so I don’t really want to alter that situation too much. At the moment I do not have any means to make a hot wrap, ie I currently have no heating in my house and I have no hot water so I was wondering if there are any alternative means to the same end as a hot wrap?


Thats a tough one, can heat up some water on the oven?

Build a bon fire after collecting some rain water in a metal bucket and heat up your shirt in the water and there ya go, HAHA you got you heat wrap.

Ha-ha, Kyromoto pretty much summed it up. The only other alternative would be the rice in the sock routine, putting it in the microwave for 30mins. I’ve never tried, but the Newbie Manual said it was possible.

Thanks for the help guys. Next question how do I build a bon fire

Watch the discovery channel and there’s this show on there about survival. Or you can buy premium logs from a store (not sure whats around you) and a match set and set the sucker a blaze in the middle of your front lawn while sitting in your lawn chair.

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