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I'm confused

I'm confused

I opend the thread “Erect Jelqing and Thrombosis” and Paul_34 posted the link "How to Jelq" and now I’m confused.
There is to read that the more flaccid the penis is while jelqing, the more the gains on length and the more erect the penis is while jelqing, the more the gains on girth. And also to read is, that jelqing with a more than 80%-erection should been avoid.

The minimum erection level you should allow is 40%-50%. In general, the greater the erection, the more effect on girth. Likewise, the lower the erection, the more effect on length. That said, some gain length easily and others only find girth increases. Jelqing with erections higher than 80% should be avoided initialy.

BUT I heard of erect jelqing. And I think it’s the only way to gain with jelqing.

Because the idea of jelqing is, that trough blood expansion in the penis cells get injured and when the “reapair” themselves, the penis gets thicker and longer trough the reproduction.

>> A 100%-erection is the longest and thickest natural expansion of the penis. If you jelq now, the penis gets more blood than usually, cells get injured and will themselves repair.

BUT how should the cells get injured when you jelq with a 50-60%-erection?

Hi rexrodt, at 50-60% you are mainly stretching the ligaments when jelqing, and with more erection 70-80% you are forcing with blood your pennis, indicated to obtain girth. It depends on what you want choose.

But please, as I did, read all the tutorials, and info that you can, to prevent injuries.


BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)

Jelqing with high erection level doesn’t seem to get a good stretch on your ligs. So therefor wouldn’t help with length. There seems to be a point of diminished returns when it comes to how hard you are and jelqing. Ive noticed I get a much better pump (engorged with blood) with erection level around 70%. Also note that a 100% erection has no give it doesn’t flex. It’s like a rock. Ever tried to mike a rock? Really what your doing is milking more blood into the shaft.

Now as far as engorging blood with high erection level. Read post on clamping.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Erect jelqing is an advanced technique that requires not only a well conditioned cock, but all lot of experience to interpret body feedback so you don’t go overboard and cause injury. As a newbie, you should cross this exercise off your list for now.

A very effective level to jelq at for girth gains is 70-90%. At this level of erection, the cock is very flexible and expands well to the jelq strokes, allowing for maximum girth stretch. Jelq at this level for a couple of months to fully condition your cock and get a feel for how it responds to the exercises.

Thanks, but how do I know which level of erection 50-60% is?

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