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I'm back!! The Auto Jelqer has been revived!!

I'm back!! The Auto Jelqer has been revived!!

Note: sorry about posting in the newbie forum, I can’t seem to post in the Main Member forum, did I miss something?

Hello everyone, some of you know me, most of you don’t, but the main point of this article is to inform you guys that the Auto Jelqer is back, and I have a few progress reports, a few questions, and a look at where it is going.

So, for those of you who don’t know what the Auto Jelqer is, as the name implies it is a system by which you no longer have to manually use your fingers to jelq. Some of the potential benefits, of the system is more consistent jelqing, the potential for vacuum jelqing, and a way by which PE (specifically the jelq) can be tested scientifically. Some downside is that it is a lot easier to over do it, since you don’t have the tactile sensation, so if this idea comes to fruition, one must remember to be careful as with all PE.

The system that is used, is a actuating iris; two rings sandwich little pieces I refer to as petals. The petals close in as the top ring is turned while the bottom ring is stationary. This design allows for economical usage of space, and since the system is geometrically circular, it can be fit with in a vacuum tube to be coupled with vacuum pumping. Vacuum jelqing would hopefully adding stability to the penis, so that it stays semi rigid for the time that your are jelqing.

Currently my progress on the most important part of the device, the iris actuator, will be finished within the month (at most, more likely a week or so). Other components include:
Brushless (hollow) motor
Linear actuator

Here comes the question.

The most intangible component right now is the seal, I don’t have much experience with moulding plastics or rubbers, so I would want to buy it from a business, but as I need to keep costs down, and I won’t be making any money on this (maybe) because I will be releasing the plans free of charge for the basic components, I need an economical, way to produce the seal, while it still being high quality. What should I do?

The tube will most likely be massive (I.D. would be about 5.5”) so as to accommodate the prototype, future designs will be smaller. The seal will probably have a O.D. of 5.75 inches, and a I.D. of under an 1” there will be a slit all around the seal at 5.5” so the tube could fit tightly. So if any of you have ideas shoot them to me.

So where will all this be going? Here is an outline of what I eventually hope to accomplish.

Mk I: manual control system, with a automated vacuum system from a company that makes them
Mk II: integrated self made vacuum system
Mk III: optical sensors, auto mated control system with option for manual control
Mk IIII: pressure sensor system that can be enabled or disabled, primary purpose is to have a safety system so people can’t inadvertently turn the pressure up to high
Mk 5: programable input with multiple events (routines)

Keep in mind, the Mk 5 AJ is 6-8 years off although designs are being made.

I will probably release the plans as “open source” so that anyone could build there own.

Feed back, and questions welcomed.

Hi again!

We changed the rules some, you can start a post anywhere you’d like, except Main Member. Those good folks need 30/days and 300 posts to start a thread there.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Why do you think it was changed?

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Because I recall posting in the Main Member Forum before.

Yea actually if you look at the Auto Jelqer thread in my Signature, the newer one before this thread was in the Main Member forum.

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sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Hi Avo.

I read the links in your Sig and I hope this all goes to plan for you because you seem to have put allot of time into this. Good luck.

Sounds like an amazing device. How much do you plan on selling it for?

I’m not sure if I am going to sell it, or just give free plans (hence why I don’t have a commercial account here), But we will have to see the cost of the product all together. Most of it is custom made, with the exception of the tube and timing pulleys, and I won’t be using custom made electronics for the later models, so the would increase the price. Also most of the custom made stuff is built in house, with the possible exception of the seal. There is still a lot of time to put in, but if I do sell it, I want it to be priced economically not just for making money. As someone who has looked at the outrages prices of many of the P.E. gear available, I do not want to empty people’s wallets. I think it would be wise to have a 10-20% profit margin so that I can buy other materials so I can build more gadgets. Also I have to see genuine interest from enough people to lower the price, because it isn’t worth buying materials unless I can get a nice bulk discount.

I hope I finish it, I have spent a lot of time on this project, not so much in terms of ideas, but more in terms of how I was going to build it. Right now I am actually taking a break from designing a jig to cut the grooves into the ring.

The main mechanism is the hardest part as I said and I am almost (75%) done with building that.

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