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I'm at an impasse

I'm at an impasse

I’ve recently come to a conclusion that I didn’t think would ever cross my mind. You see, I’ve been working out and dieting (get rid of fat pad and for general health) along with PE to give me the confidence boost I’ve been needing for a while. The thing is, I’ve successfully lost quite a bit of weight and I’m not showing any signs of stopping. With this, my thighs have become smaller and my stomach has become flatter. I’ve started looking at myself in the mirror, and I’ve realized I only thought I looked smaller before because my legs and stomach were just so big. Next thing that crossed my mind was this, “Do I even really need PE anymore?”

I know, it sounds insane. What guy in his right mind would settle for average length and a none-too-girthy penis given the option to change that? On the other hand, I’ve already got PE built into my showering schedule, so it doesn’t seem like it would hurt to keep going, except for the fact that I no longer have the psychological motivation I used to have. I suppose I do still sorta want some girth gains.. But I’ve become really happy with my length (by comparison to the rest of my body) but I feel like girth would help in situations where my lady friend gets too lubricated. But then again length would also help with different positions, when I feel like I can’t reach.

Oh, I don’t know! It seems so abnormal to be happy with my penis size given the opportunity to make it bigger. What do I do?

Starting off (10-5-07)-EBPL:6.563 EG:4.5

Recently (10-27-07)-EBPL:6.75 EG:5

Goal-EBPL:8 (we'll see) EG:6.5

Ultimately you should do what ever you want to do. It’s great that you have lost weight which resulted in a larger appearance of your penis, that’s actually awesome.

If I were you I would most probably keep PEing with a really light schedule, until I am 100% satisfied with myself.

Being happy with yourself is something that everyone here is trying to achieve through self-improvement. If you’re happy, then you don’t need PE. I think this is a greater achievement then constructing an 8.5 by 5.5 dick since the same sense of comfortability about your body is what you’d ultimately be attempting to obtain by increasing your dick size.

All the best dude.

Started:| 14 cm (unsure if BP or NBP) EG (mid-shaft) - 10.75 cm |

Current:| NBPEL - 17 cm; EG (circum scar) - 10.75 cm; (base) 14 cm |

Short-t Objective:| NBPEL - 18.5 cm EG (circum scar) - 11.5 cm |

I think if you are happy it makes PE more effective, continue both!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Good for you for stepping back and taking a fresh look at your PE goals, and for appreciation your body as it is. And congratulations on your weight loss.

You’re average in size, so there’s really nothing you need to do. But you’re right, you probably would find some benefits to slightly larger dimensions - if a bit of effort is worth it.


Starting, summer '06: 6" EL, 6.5" BPEL, 5.5" EG / Currently: Approximately .4" length and .25" girth gains / Stretched ligs .5" - .6", increasing PBFL and flacid hang

Goal: 7.25" BPEL x 5.75" EG, currently over HALF WAY THERE! on length and ACHIEVED GIRTH!

Piercings: 4 Gauge PA (currently not wearing), Two 4 Gauge upper frenums, other non-genital

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Okay. So this is it. I completely forgot the whole other half to PE. I got so caught up in working out and looking better in general I forgot that I also want this for my partner. Basically every girl who hasn’t been lying has admitted they wanna feel filled up. So that’s what it will be; more PE for me.

Starting off (10-5-07)-EBPL:6.563 EG:4.5

Recently (10-27-07)-EBPL:6.75 EG:5

Goal-EBPL:8 (we'll see) EG:6.5

Wait wait, I completely messed up that link.

Ssh, it’s a secret

That’s they story I meant to reference to. Although the first link tells a fun story as well.

Starting off (10-5-07)-EBPL:6.563 EG:4.5

Recently (10-27-07)-EBPL:6.75 EG:5

Goal-EBPL:8 (we'll see) EG:6.5

Your stats say you’re 6.563 inches. How did you measure your penis down to the thousandth of an inch? You probably lose and gain a few hundredths of an inch with each heartbeat. I rebuilt an engine a while back and I had trouble measuring a block of steel down to the thousandth of an inch. I think it would be impossible to do with a piece of flesh.

I’m just jerkin’ your chain, but seriously just call it 6.6 inches, or even 6 and 5/8ths. I don’t know of any vaginas that are calibrated to the thousandth of an inch.

Originally Posted by sam1966
… but seriously just call it 6.6 inches, or even 6 and 5/8ths. I don’t know of any vaginas that are calibrated to the thousandth of an inch.

very funny.

Anyways, my advice to you Osu is to carry on with P.E just to maintain a good penile health.


I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life


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