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I'm an noob, you're a noob, WE'RE ALL NOOBS :


Thanks again guys!

With regards to keeping track of my progress, I have set up an Excel spreadsheet (that’s how seriously I’m taking this now!), and I’ll post my results on the progress forum after about 2/3 months.

I have done a little experimentation, but this is what I’ve come up with, nice and simple.

My Newbie Routine —
5 min warm up
100 jelqs: 50 with either hand -
Manual stretches: 15 secs straight, then 15 secs up, down, left, right. While doing stretches I fit in some kegels as I read somewhere that it helps EQ (if anyone can clarify this, please do).
End with a 5 min warm down.

I feel comfortable with this work out, I don’t get any negative effects such as spots, etc. Let me know if you think this it’s enough? Or if anyone has any variations they think would be beneficial then please let me know :)

Cheers Dears,

Brad :)

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Your routine mirrors mine, apart from I push out 20 seconds per stretch, and throw in one counter clockwise 20 sec stretch. Any less than 20 seconds and I feel it’s not enough done. But it’s your wang, not mine, whatever feels good for you.

As for kegels I do that after the workout, it makes good sense because you can do them whenever you want in whatever situation. Newbie routine recommends 60 kegs I think. I just do 30 5 second kegs, towards the end my PC starts to flutter, and not contract as solid, ill up the amount when I feel more solid contractions throughout.

Kegels have more positive outcomes than just better eq as far as I know. Such as better ejaculate control, orgasms without ejaculating, there’s probably more but meh, I’m new. So the more kegels the better, I recon.

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Welcome aboard the good ship PE. God bless all that sail on our supertankers.

I had the same ideas about spreadsheets and 2/3 months reporting. It works well. Make notes on how your penis feels and appears (wait until you get the incredible hulk veins!). My mistake was not to take some photos before I started. I could see how they would have made interesting comparisons shots over a period of time.

Another motivation for me is posting in the routines/ progress forum. Noting PE stuff on a weekly basis also gives you time to reflect on your progress and let’s other people chip in with encouragement and tips and also helps them if they are in the same situations if they can read what you did. I found this made my PE into a routine more than anything.

Good luck.


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