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I'm already one month in

I'm already one month in

It’s been over a month and a week now. I started the newbie routine by doing 20 reps of kegel the first week. Then, it slowly progressed to 40, then 60, then 80, etc. I’m at 140 reps and doing 5 30 secs Horse Squeezes. The routine is 2 days in, 1 day out.

My BPEL used to be 6.75in(roughly from what I remembered). Now it’s 7.15-20. My girth gain I have not measured but it has probably decreased a little or probably steady. It’s 5.10 MSEG.

This thing is only advice to you is to not overdo your workout and emphasize more on rest days. The gains came after my rest days(from what I have observed).

Also, if you feel your penis is “plumped” after a workout, then you’re doing it right.

Hey SilverFish

Congrats it seems like you’re on the right track. Keep it up man.

Best Wishes, Zerone

That’s real good. Are you doing 120 reps of jelq? That’s about how many minutes?

Well, I have pe’ed since 2006 or something like that. It’s been on and off. I quickly recovered my lost gains(0.3in) or something like that I have gained from the 4 years on and off peing.

But I would say I have gained an extra .1-2 in in one month alone. I’m certain that my growth afterward will not be as extreme as my first month so..

Also, I have measured my BPFSL. It’s 7.25in so that’s a good indicator which is more than 7.15BPEL.

Yeah I’m certain you don’t need more than 120 reps or 140 reps of Jelq. It’s like pumping at 5hgh. Am I right?

Horse Squeezes is not really a “newbie” exercise. I know you aren’t really a newbie, but felt I outta point that out for newbies reading.

Congrats on the gains! Are you doing any jelqing?

Whoops. I meant kegels.

Cool. How long do you jelq for?

I really can’t say because I didn’t count how long I jelqed for. It’s probably around 20 mins since I took a break every 10 reps of jelq.

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