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I'm a Newbie :

I'm a Newbie

Hey guys

I tryed jelqing today off this video I saw,I didnt know there was gonna be an awesome forum on the net!

So I tryed anyway and after doing it I got like a little blood blister it looks like and a few little spots too is that normal or is that video I saw completely wrong??

I’m glad I found this forum!

Thnx for the replies in advance :)

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No big deal, but you did over do it. Search around and get familiar with the forums, look for answers and do some research before doing any more PE.

Here’s the Injuries / Treatment Forum:
Injuries / Treatments

Then go here:

"Named after your father perhaps?" - 007.5" :-pulse:

Ok thanks for your help :)

Right I’ve healed up now.

I’m just wondering how hard shud I do it?

Hi there and welcome, I realize I’m a little late with the hospitality basket, but I was sick last week.

I can’t answer about how hard, you don’t want to hurt yourself, I think you understand that part now.

Please scope out the Forum Guidelines when you get the chance, I wouldn’t want a moderator to yell at you over spelling errors ;) . And trust me, they will yell.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

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