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I'm a New Member

I'm a New Member

Hey!! I’m a new member! I tried doing this stuff last summer and gained a bit of length, but was skeptical. This sounds like fun and I can’t wait to start again. Before I start though I’ll say what I’m coming in with FL 4.5 EL6.8-7.2 EG4.9
(I’ll update this). I want EL 8.0 and EG 6.0. I’m 19 at the time.

I have a few questions. Because this whole thing about hanging is confusing me. Rest or don’t rest, how long at a time? Will my penis really become shorter, because if that’s possible I’m not going to even try that lol, wow that sounds like going backwards literally.

What exactly is a jelq set? How long does that last, I remember back in the day the longest I could jelq for was about 25 minutes straight and Id get sore.

I made my own ADS stretcher last night, and it works great, and it’s so simple!. I’m wondering if how many hours a day I should wear that a day.

Last question for now, after my new size, will my penis still look natural like over normal big penises
(People who never had to do this HARD work, haha funny), or will it look different? How can I prevent the top from getting thicker than the base due to jelqing.

I know that’s alot of questions, but I’m here to also say. You guys are great, I’m glad I found you guys It took me long enough. Everyone seems friendly. My only concern is I’m going back to school, and some of these exercises won’t be easily executed in a dorm type setting.. Any recommendation?

But yeah, It’s great to be here and I hope you all have a good day.

Oh, and Fowfers, should I do those, or not.

One question though, Does it work to jelq then put on an ADS stretcher? Or is it better to stretch then jelq then leave it alone.

Do fowfers if you want a long flaccid.

Started: NBPEL 5.5 == EG: 5

Current: NBPEL 7.5 == EG: 6

Goal: NBPEL 8 == EG: 6

Do fowfers if you want a long flaccid.

This is because fowfers generally do not increase erect length (just to clarify.)

Welcome danman88. You can do fowfers while sleeping.

About your last question:

You can take a look at some of the progress pics that some users have posted to see whether shape changes a lot. I don’t think so. I think most will keep their “character”, except that they’re all much bigger! :D

What you’re afraid of by jelqing is the “baseball bat” effect, which you shouldn’t worry about unless you begin to see signs of it (probably not for another few months.). If (not when) you do, you can search the forum for the “baseball bat effect”.



June 24 2008: BPEL 6.4 NBPEL 6.0 EG 4.6

Thanks for all the information.

Good luck to you guys too.


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