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I'm a bit confused.

I'm a bit confused.

Is Jelqing needed for length gains? I’ve been reading around, and I’ve heard yes and no.

From what I have read, you jelq at a low erection (20%-40%) for length, and a higher erection (50%-70%) for girth.

Stretching and jelqing are the staples of manual PE. Anyone who claims that jelqing at x percentage of erection (engorgement is a more appropriate term) accomplishes this or that is pretending to know more than he actually does. There are too many variables involved.

I think newbies should start with a combination of stretching and jelqing. See how things go, and then adjust from there.


I might get shot down for this but here it goes so far nobody can claim with a 100% accuracy that a particular exercise is for girth and another for length.

Conclusion be happy that it grows.

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Jelquing is for length and girth; and for overall penis healt as well. It’s believed to be the best single PE exercise.

Much like everything else in life, not everything works the same for everyone. Experiment and find what works for you. I personally like the traction approach ie; Andro-penis. Some guys say it doesn’t work for them. It works for me, so that’s all that matters. The thing to remember is there is no exact science here. Be respectful of other peoples methods and experiences as much of the PE game is based in theory and it can be hit or miss. The one thing that is certain is that you have to be patient, dedicated, consistent and believe that it will work. I personally wet jelq at no more than 25-50% and have seen good girth gain but virtually no length gains from it. Think in reverse terms of the engineering philosophy. Just because it looks good on paper doesn’t mean it works the same in the “real world”. Good luck.

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Originally Posted by Daak045

Is Jelqing needed for length gains? I’ve been reading around, and I’ve heard yes and no.

Members can and have gained length without jelqing.

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