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I'm A Believer

I'm A Believer

Well, my length now sits around 7.5” BP, 7” or slightly over NBP. It seems to actually be a bit shorter, because it has measured 8” BP before. I may not have been 100% erect when I measured just before. That’s okay, though - length doesn’t sound hard to come by, and I’m okay with it, as it’s nicely above average.

However, my girth was always too little for me. 4.75” or so, some times it seemed to border 5”, but that seemed more to be my imagination getting the best of me, seeing what I wanted to see.

So I got aroused before thinking of something, and I was like “hey, it seems weighted”, ‘cause when I get erect now it’s been feeling very solid. I don’t even do kegels half the time, I’ve just been doing the newbie routine M/Tu/Th/F, switching with dry and wet jelqs. Anyway, I measured - solid 5”, maybe 5.1” - definitely not my imagination running with it, it was actually noticably thicker.

Now I make this post, especially because I was skeptical about other people reporting increased size in a week’s time. I’ve fooled around with this for months now, and never stuck even for a week straight. I’d wind up fucking that day, or just being annoyed and not in the mood. I’m regimented enough with training and dieting, that this just seemed like a pain to throw on top, and I didn’t entirely believe it anyway.

So now, I do believe. Maybe it’s temporary or whatever, but I’m noticably bigger after a simple week of sticking to the newbie routine. Four damn days, and I’m thicker.

Now, let’s see what happens when I stick with this stuff for 3 months straight, and then switch to clamping!

My goals? NPBEL - 8.0”, EG (mid) - 6.0”. I’ll settle for slightly below those marks, but that’s my upper limit where I’d go. Any bigger would cause problems, and be a pain to get to - too much focus.

Wow, congratulations on your gains.

Originally Posted by Okish6er
Wow, congratulations on your gains.

Thank you. I have a feeling, though, that this is as far as it will go initially. It’s similar to the pump-growth (i.e., sarcoplasmic hypertrophy) you get from a few bouts of weight training in an untrained individual. You get an adaptive response very quickly initially (i.e., newbie gains), and then there’s a huge dropoff with rate of gains. This may be very condensed with PE (whereas, training with weights, you can extend newbie gains for 3-9 months, if you do things right).

Or I’m just babbling.

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