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Illusions of Grandeur

Illusions of Grandeur

So I’m about average right now with my cock size. I’m about 5.5 NBPEL and 4.75 EG with 3.5 FL. I’m looking to get up to 6.5 NBPEL and 5.5 EG, as well as increase my FL. Ultimately I would like the fabled 7 x 6, but I need to reach the smaller goal first. Now are my goals possible, or am I dreaming too big?

Nothing is impossible, it’s very possible that you can reach that goal plus more.

All that is required, is dedication and hard work.

Starting Stats: 27/10/2008 - BPEL: 5.9' BFSL: 6.1' EG: 5' (I think); Goal: BPEL: 7.9' EG: 6.5'; I want to reach my goal by October 2009. My focus is on lenght at this time.

Unhooked, I was around your size when I started PE over 2 years ago.

Niz, what you say is very true.

Pre-PE: 6.5" BPEL x 5.0" EG-------> Current Stats: 8" BPEL x 5.25" EG-------> Goal: 9" BPEL x 6.5" EG - 7" BG

Doki-Doki LOLI POP CHAN! Sugoi Desu~~~

Thanks for the support, guys. I’m really excited to start this. Furthermore, I’m trying to better myself in my entire physicality. I workout about 4x a week, and believe that jelqing, kegels and such are the equivalent for working out skeletal muscle.

Basically, I want to look great naked and be great at sports :p

I’m very positive you can do it. I’ve started almost exactly the same length as you and I’ve seen some gains already. My personal ultimate goal is 8 x 6. At least for me the length is much harder than girth. This may possibly be because of the Cialis I started taking to help with EQ problem and it seems to be helping my PE routine in terms of girth as well.

Best of luck!

Started Nov2008: EL 5.5", EG 4.5"

Dec 20th: EL 5.75", EG 4.9"

Progress Log

I started the same size as you. I have spend many years, with lots of variation and experimentation, but I am getting close to your short term goal of 6.5 x 5.5. I am already that girth, but length is not quite there. My final “realistic goal” is the same as yours - 7 x 6, but I expect that will take a few years.

Recently I am trying to reduce intensity and not overtrain, but work toward consistency. I am applying more long-term stretching between workouts, and I think that is helping my flaccid and stretched length.

Good luck.


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