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I'll Keep This Up Even With No Gains

I'll Keep This Up Even With No Gains

I’ve come to a pretty firm conclusion - I will keep my exercise program up even if I never see significant gains. I’ve been at this since August, keep ing a pretty strict and intense regimen. Even though my size gains to date are modest (maybe 1/8” inch in length and a 1/4” in girth), the difference in my erection quality has been stunning. At 7 3/8” by 5 1/2”, I started on the good end of the bell curve naturally. The reaction to my size has been unchanged over my PE period. What has changed is the reaction to the hardness of my erections, my ability to keep it up “forever” and my short refractory periods. Honestly, I have even surprised myself. I never expected to suddenly have a supercharged dick at 39. I love the fact that I have apparently been able to fuck several women like they never been fucked before. The reactions I am getting are extremely gratifiying - for the first time in my life you might say that I feel like an honest to goodness stud. In large part I owe this to PE and Thundersplace. All I can say is keep at it. The benefits come in many forms.


I couldn’t agree with you more. PE is forever and gladly done.


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I agree with the erection quality benefits. I just started PE and haven’t seen any marked size gains yet. However, I definitely saw an improvement in erection quality and sexual performance.

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