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If you knew about PE in your teen years.


If you knew about PE in your teen years.

Do you think it would have dramatically effected you sex life up until now? I surely wish I had known:(

Yah if I’d had a bigger dick then, I wouldn’t have rejected some offers. I don’t want to be normal to them, I want to be special. Then again I still got my twenties in front of me so that’s enough time to recover :) .

Also, maybe it would have stumbled growth when you’d PE in your teen years, so that’s bad. But better yet, maybe it would have given your growth a boost? Who knows.

Motivations: - The smile on your girlfriends face when she pulls it out - You never have to hear "DEEPER!" (and if you can) - Getting to see a mouth stretched around your cock and 2 hands req to work it - All of your girlfriends girlfriends knowing your big - Knowing you're the biggest she's been with and she'll always remember you in her life - Watching pornos and being so unimpressed

I’d probably would have lacked the wisdom to be careful. Only to end up with a cock that bears the scars of dangerous pe activities. And then I would have pitied myself over my bad fortune. lol


I wish I had known about PE in my teen years. But anyway, better later than never

I started PE when I was 16 and started serious when I was 17. It is a positive addition on my sex life.

Not bragging, but I got my fair share of ass in high school. If I had known about PE then I’m sure I would’ve been alot more open and probably gotten even more booty.

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I did but did like 4 things wrong and did damage

I discovered jelqing when i was 15 or 16, did some half assed dry jelqs in the shower… then gave I up, then started again stretching and lubed jelqing when i was 17 and after a month my girlfriend said she noticed… then I gave up, started again when i was 19, gained 1/4 inch length in 2 months… then I gave up, Finally at 21 got my act together and started hanging only, and now at 22 i’ve added jelqing and stretching had some slight gains but still waiting for significant ones.

I only wish i PE’d everytime before i masturbated from when i was 15, then i’d probably have a 12” dick by now.

I’m 18 and been doing PE for like 2 months.. I would have never even discovered PE if that bitch didn’t tell all her friends that my dick was small. How I love proving to her friends that she’s a liar.

I turned a lot of ass away because they way I felt about my dick.. I can’t imagine how much ass I would have gotten if things had been different. Well… they are now,better late then never.

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.I’d be carrying the monster in front of me in a wheelbarrow by now.

I have learned about PE when I was 15. Now I am 23 and I am slowly gaining the wisdom and dedication for it. Previously I tried 2 weeks and given up. So the fact that you know about it doesnt necessarily mean you do that properly.

Originally Posted by rm18
I did but did like 4 things wrong and did damage

What damage did you do?

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