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If you have EQ issues you will have growth issues

If you have EQ issues you will have growth issues

Someone told me this. Is this so?
Or are there some of you whom have EQ issues yet have gained length or girth?
Do you feel this slowed down your potential?
Should I be focusing more on stamina exercises to address my PE before I work on length exercises?

I have what I would like to consider a minor case of ED with PE ( still get nocturnal and morning wood) and I have been training for over a year with the no erect length gains which is my goal yet that can be due to possibly just not finding the routine that will work for me etc.

Looking for some advice from the vets and anyone else whom can share their experience in a similar situation for my encouragement. Thanks in advance to all my TP brothers!

Originally Posted by 5inches911
I have what I would like to consider a minor case of ED with PE ( still get nocturnal and morning wood)

You should definetly explain this to us better, what exactly happened to make you think you injured yourself so badly go cause ED?

With nocturnal woods, I highly doubt that can be true.

Poor EQ is usually thought to hinder gaining girth more than length.
There was a discussion a few years ago where quite a few guys who were on length only routines said it was normal for EQ to suffer a bit.

Would help if you said what you’ve been doing for the past year.

Thanks guys!
@Accro: i haven’t injured myself. I was simply trying to state that I still have nocturnal and morning directions there for my direction this function is not that bad but it’s definitely not what it used to be some years ago.

@Capernicus1: i started noticing direction this function for I started to PE so I am not associating with the routine.
I have been doing PE for over a year now. I’ve jumped around between things for the first nine months but starting May I got into a routine of Side to side stretches on a one on one off basis and just yesterday started doing kegels after my routine. No Length gains yet. Most of what I’ve done has been with the goal of gaining length.

Sorry noticed some typos errors afterwardards:
@Accro “that i still have nocturnal and morning erections and my erection dysfunction”….

@Capernicus1 “i started noticing erection dysfunction before i started PE

I think this is a personal issue that can’t be determined by a general statement of fact. While it is true that most gains are made while in the “Goldilocks zone” of perfect EQ and PIs, it cannot be determined as a verifiable constant but rather a quantitative theorum. In the end, positive, neutral and negative PIs are mutable in relation to a final outcome. In other words, if your PI’s suffer which include low EQ but you still gain in size with no permanent loss of function, then your program is working. Reading this will help you to understand this logic.

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@How lack: yes im of the same school of thought as you but since i havent really made any gains i cant really speak to that effect.

Yes im always watching my PI’s so i dont over train or hurt myself. Still trying to find the right routine for me to make gains.

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