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If you have doubt Please read.

If you have doubt Please read.

This is my first post so I figured that a positive motivator would discontinue the doubt.
My journey with PE started off and on over a year ago, but not really giving a lot of effort because of a insecure girlfriend, ex now, who never understood the cause of self improvement and thought it was just an excuse to play with myself(some true). Here in the past months (6) is when I have really been able to dedicate some time to the newbie routine and see if this workout is really worth the time.
In the first (2) month of really trying all the different Jelqs and testing to see which exercise really works the penis and gives the most engorgement after a routine, is where I noticed a ¼” of length gain but not much in the girth department. I can only contribute this to a stronger erection, which is fine for now. The following (2) months my routine didn’t’t change and neither did my penis. So, all the reading and research from here I knew that I would need to change something up. I just didn’t’t get that feeling from (1) session like I used too and like working out I figured it was because I was used to it. The two most important things in this routine are listening to your penis and watching for PI’s in the morning. When it’s sore back off and if you don’t get random boners something is wrong. Now, the good stuff!

I will start off in the morning with a hot shower and stretching followed by (200-300) over hand Jelqs squeezing in blood every other stroke. This takes about 20mins to complete. Same day just 10hrs later another session (200 or more depending on how I feel) with 2 x 10min clamping sessions.



Morning Shower with (200+) Jelqs. The second half of the day another (200+) Jelqs then a 10min pumping session with 2 x 10min clamping.

Same as Monday

Sat & Sun

Before I began this routine I was stuck at NBP 6.25 x mid EG 5.00 and now just (2) months in I am at a little over NBP 6.5 with a impressive gain in mid girth 5.25 Who says you can’t gain evenly…

Thanks All!

That’s cosmically good.

Awesome stuff and congratulations!

Post your stats in your profile. Beginning and current would be great. A lot of people like to take the site statistics to research and the more gains then better!

My journey .... My pics

Start BPEL 6.50" x MSEG 5.00"

Now BPEL 7.625" x MSEG 5.25"


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