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If PE really works, why is there no scientific evidence

Good post Cummer. :) But like I said, as long as we’re gaining, why care? The less people know about PE, the more above average our dicks will be. :D

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Originally Posted by UpTo7
Good post Cummer. :) But like I said, as long as we’re gaining, why care? The less people know about PE, the more above average our dicks will be. :D

Thank you! It’s not so often when you and I agree on something :)

I also think about that sometimes. Why do we bother to prove somebody that PE works, whereas for each of us the most beneficial theoretical situation would be if all other guys on the planet were with 0,5”-dicks and completely impotent. But I guess what drives us and makes us overcome egoistic instincts is that we owe so much to the PE-community.

Another reason why there are no studies may be that everyone of you guys who have been here for a while have constructed your own PE-workout often with a mixture of jelq, hanging, clamping and stretching which makes it really hard to study.
In studies on for example medicines like serum-lipid depressors all subjects must use the same dosage and have nearly identical conditions. In PE that wouldn’t work according to what I’ve read because everyone responds differently to different PE-routines and the routine studied must be identical in all subjects.

If there was biopsies involved though this problem could be eliminated because we’d only study the tissue itself (and hopefully see real cellular division in subjects practicing a PE-routine) but like all biopsy-based studies it is time-consuming, difficult and somewhat risky. There are a few studies on muscle-growth based on biopsies but these are rare as well although the field is accepted in contrary to PE.

I’d value real studies though because in the long run it might be possible to construct the most efficient PE-routine for a certain genetic setup which would maximize everyone’s gains. Serum-hormonal levels should also be quiet different in PE-practicing men so studies are not impossible to implement if there was genuine interest in the subject. Wishful thinking I know :) .

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Originally Posted by UpTo7
One more thing… If you had, say, cancer and ate some plant that supposedly cures it and really got cured, would you need scientific evidence that it really works?

Same goes for PE. As long as it works for me I don’t give a damn about scientific research. :)

Cancer grows and remits unpredictably on its own, so you’d never be able to tell whether the plant you ate had anything to do with your recovery.

The thing about PE is that as long as you don’t make measurement errors — and I do think a lot of guys fool themselves into thinking they make initial gains when they get “better” at measuring (e.g., pushing the ruler in harder, adjusting the angle of the hips, etc.) — any gains you make can definitively be attributed to the PE exercises, assuming you are not still in puberty. Adult men’s penises simply do not grow spontaneously, barring an extraordinary event like a priapism episode. Proving the efficacy of PE exercises is very easy, then; unless everyone on this site is lying or is measuring inconsistently, we have sufficient scientific proof that PE can work. What is harder to figure out, without good controlled studies, is exactly which techniques and routines are most effective, and for which guys they are most effective.

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Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
Cancer grows and remits unpredictably on its own, so you’d never be able to tell whether the plant you ate had anything to do with your recovery.

It was just an example. :P Point is, if it works for you, be happy and don’t bother with the scientific evidence.

Originally Posted by Cummer
Thank you! It’s not so often when you and I agree on something :)

Haha, don’t sweat it, I think we’ve had only one disagreement (about the number of sexual parners). :)

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Originally Posted by eastendpeak
It’s anecdotal evidence and if you have enough of them that are credible then they can form a strong foundation for scientific evidence.


Walywrld, thank you for the links. Fascinating stuff. I did know about the leg lengthening surgery. I had read your original post to mean that people were successfully adding inches to their leg-height without going under the knife. :shrug:

Originally Posted by Walywrld
It’s well know that LEGS can be made several inches longer through traction. Yet, the penis is somehow impossible to enlarge without surgery???

Running a Massive Co-Front.

To an extent; I suppose Penis surgical enlargement is rather in the situation of Breast enlargement some forty years ago.

In those days, pictures of women’s bared breasts were just not done, - except in the Naturists magazines - and they were kept under the counter.
Surgery was not available except to film stars as the cost was prohibitive for most women.

But with Women’s lib bare breasts and the burnig of Bras began opening doors to falsies , and inevitably to surgery.

Penises, are in that category, they are not on public view - except in Naturists magazines, And yes there are ‘falsies’ available. But the subject is not debated publicly to any extent.

We are moving slowly towards the public view of penises, but there is a lot of opposition to their being exhibited outside of Nudist villages. But there is a sign of change in men’s changing rooms where there is more nudity in gong to and from the showers. But there is never any general talk about the subject.

So it is perhaps up to open discussion between men about their dicks which will have to come before any general movement to surgical enlargement.

The public view of PE is something that is akin to masterbating. So nobody is going to openly discuss it in company. Would You?

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Interesting thread! For me, and I am a scientist, there is profound evidence that PE works. Not only the (rather small) gains I have experienced, but the sheer amount of positive and well documented gains other people have made, give proof to the concept of manual PE. Having said that, I have to point out, that scientific evidence is defined a little differently. The results have do be well documented (which they are here on the site), and should be verified by a trusted person. I actually do think that most of the reported gains are true, but ask yourself how often people call “Photoshop” as soon as someone shows his comparison pics. And then think about all the progress reports that only state the progress without any pics (the “I started out with 6” and now, two weeks into the Newbie-routine, I am a solid 8.5”’).

Another issue is the reproducibility (that a word?). The main problem (in my eyes) is, that the same routine that works for e.g. Sparkyx might not work at all for me. Even if you consider the exercises done in exactly the same manner (which is doubtful) it might not work.

Bottom line: PE is a very personal thing and each unit has to be treated individually to see results. Getting to know what to do and even more what not to do takes quite some time. Those are all reasons, why PE has not yet found it’s way into the scientific community.

By the way: I am rather glad that PE is still some kind of a secret craft. If everyone ran around with a perfect penis - what does that do for me. :-)

Ok, now that is just selfish.

I see scientific evidence that PE works every time I take a piss.

Originally Posted by UpTo7
It was just an example. :P Point is, if it works for you, be happy and don’t bother with the scientific evidence.

Well, I was just emphasizing that I agree with you when it comes to PE, because with PE, there is a “control group” of billions of adult men who don't PE, and we know that in pretty much every case, their penises do not spontaneously grow — ever. So as long as we are measuring consistently and discount for any gains due to restored erection quality, we can be certain, in our own cases, if we measure growth, that whatever PE we were doing really did cause the genuine penile growth we observe. We don’t have to take wild-ass guesses at the cause of our gains, like someone who has been experimenting with various drugs or herbs to try to improve his mood (mood being something that fluctuates day-to-day from hundreds of different causes).

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`Science` is something overrated. You gotta do whatever is scientific and you gotta avoid whatever is not scientific: this is no doubt the paradigm of our age. The problem is, `what` is scientific? Who is the judge to tell, `scientific authorities`? Professors?

I think it became something like the old times: religious men used to tell everyone what to do. Now `science` tells us what to do. There are many people abusing this simple fact, including governments, finance sector, etc. (Think about the researches funded by some companies for example)

So OP, PE works and you can benefit from it, no matter it`s scientific or not.

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Exactly! The modern science is very similar to religion, especially social studies, which are dominated by dogmas, authorities and prejudices. But even physics has been suffering from that.

And like clerics sometimes back up or even bless oppressive dictator regimes, for example, financial academics serve the needs and interests of banksters and their governmental cronies at the expense of the general public. And if someone argues against the social transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich, he is immediately labeled as a left loony and marginal by “scientists” with vested interests and grants from investment banks.

There is no scientific evidence that God exists either, but we have been killing each other in his name for thousands of years.

And I would wager that there is a hell of a lot more evidence that supports the legitimacy of PE then there is the existence of God.

But if you don’t beleive then you can just go away and ignore us while we bulk up our wangs and boink all the pretty women.

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