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If only everyone knew about PE


Originally Posted by Big Girtha
I also feel if more people knew about natural PE more research would come of it.

We are the researcher and the research participants. If we decided tomorrow, we could actually submit and published a paper. We have got background knowledge about PE, we know of different methods of application, we have a very large sample size and we have the results of what works. However the information is spread all over the place.

There’s no need for making PE more public. Not at all. If it was so hard to find, such a lazy person as me wouldn’t ever get here, on this forum. For everyone who has the Internet connection it’s very easy to find enough information he needs to start PE. I knew about PE a long time before I got here, I just wasn’t sure if I should believe it, but I tried it anyway.

Finding this forum only made me more motivated and confident that it really works. But this forum is not the only one where you can find a lot of info about PE.

Natural penis enlargement wouldn’t get funded properly because there isn’t much to make money from… you don’t need pills or fancy equipment - you just need your hand.

If everyone had a bigger penis, then I would never reach my goals.

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I think making PE more known to the public wouldn’t make too much of a difference. Healthy nutrition and working out regularly is well known to improve appearance and overall health, but obesity rates are still growing at an alarming rate. PE, like healthy nutrition and working out, requires will power, time, effort, dedication, persistence… Qualities that not many posses. So even if you put PE on big bulletin boards around the city, there won’t be many people willing to dedicate 1 hour to it every day. I’m with the guys who think that PE should keep low profile. The more small and average cocks and the less big ones, the better. Those who truly want to make change will end up here anyway (like all of us here have).

Also, as long as people can profit from selling pills and various devices, manual PE won’t get any recognition. There’s simply too much money at stake. Male insecurity due to being undersized is a great tool to make profit. It’s similar to failure of electric cars. As long as there’s oil, electric cars won’t make it to the mainstream. The oil lobby simply won’t let that happen. Like I’ve said, too much money at stake.

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While I admit I would be vastly irritated it the secret got out and every one 6 months from now was sporting a 8x6, I think that like every one has said that possibility is improbable to the point of absurdity.

And Up to seven I agree completely, the most dangerous thing that the penis enlargement industry could do is sell a cream, pill or device that produced permanent easy gains, because once a better part of the male populations had achieved those gains, who would they be able to sell their crap to?

One thing I wish making PE more public would do would take the stigma off of it. If a guy says he’s going to the gym society generally looks at that as a virtuous thing, but if that same guy says he’s going to hang weighs from his genitals in an attempt to enlarge them, he is suddenly bat shit crazy. But even if all of the PE secrets were made public to every one it looks too much like masturbation or some sort of S&M deal with the pumps and claps and all for the main stream to ever be comfortable with it.

I think people care about penis size more than they care about being obese though…

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Yes of course, Men care about their penis more than their weight. I think that is common sense.

Don’t share the secret, if people want to know they can do what we did. People unwilling to dedicate the time and effort to PE that we do don’t deserve the gains that we do. And it’s ok, more power to them because it’s clear they don’t care as much as we do. If you know someone has a small penis then sure, tell him, definitely tell your kids if you want! But no crazy advertising schemes!

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