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If it feels alright, can I...

If it feels alright, can I...

…change the newbie routines 2on/1off to 5on/2off? Before you say that I’m rushing things, I’m not. I just feel that I can do this. But is it proven that this will be bad or something? Or is just 2on/1off a recommendation so that people who are very intense or doesn’t heal as good as others don’t injure themselfes?

When I started PE the recommended cycle was 6 on/1 off. As long as you stay in control when you PE and don’t go overboard by using excessive force or time, I think you can pick just about any schedule to suit your needs.

You might want to consider adding one day at a time , rather than more than doubling your work load all at once .

Personally , I would always try to err on the side of caution , as if you incur an injury , it will set you back a lot more in lost time than a slow work load increase will .

^ Yeah. Extensity is better than intensity with PE. Your day on day off cycle in my experience is irrelevant so long as you increase intensity slowly – exactly as you would do under a 2 on 1 off cycle..

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I just feel that my penis can take more. So I take 5 days of “controlled” PE rather than the feeling of “Damn, I just did a bad PE-workout, now I have to wait two days…”.

Controlled and more before intensity but not as much time.

Today, my fourth day of PE, I noticed a small red spot. I’ll take this as my limit - 3on/1off is enough, probably. Did PE today anyway, but I’ll take tomorrow off if the red spot is still there. On the glans. It’s by the way an old discoloration that turned red. Anyone ever experienced that?

I’ve also had the positive indicator that my penis is much bigger flaccid, almost semi-erect pretty often.

I had the same thing:

I have like a 10-15% erection that lasts pretty much all day.
There was a slight discoloration, being that it’s a little bit redder.
Veins are much more visible.
Great morning wood when I woke every morning.

I had to slow down when:

Slight erectile disfunction - I could still get it up, but it would take longer, and I felt as if I lost strength in my erection.

And I was losing my morning wood slowly.

I took 3 days off until my morning wood came back into full effect before I started again, taking it easier.

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