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If heads engorged then doing it right????

If heads engorged then doing it right????

Hi Guys,
I’ve tried variations on Jelging but find one that works best for me(as in most enlargement of head) is if I dry Jelg at 70%-80% but I use one hand to push blood to top and when I reach glands I release go back to base and start again.Am I not supposed to use 2 hands to keep blood at top or if I’m getting engorged with one hand is that enough?
I dont have much time to PE.I’m livivng with gf so its hard to find time to keep a routine going.Is 5 mins here 5 mins there enough for gains?

One other thing.I really want length gains and wondered if I stopped concentrating on Jelg and did just stretches only would I be better off?I dont have much time to PE.That is am I hindering my chances by getting girth gains first?I’d appreciate all views.

Hi logman1973

For length gains you should concentrate more on stretches, in all directions. You should however be very careful not to injure yourself by not warming up.

You need to put in a little more effort (more than 5min) before you would see any improvements, try and do at least 300 jelqs.

You will not hinder your chances for length gains, but it gets a bit more difficult to do manual stretches once the girths gains are achieved.


Hi LG,

Welcome to Thunder’s. When it comes to engorging the glans, I find that two hands works better than one, just because my one hand gets tired and I get a better rhythm using both hands.

I would continue to jelq since you’re a newbie. It sounds like you need to increase the number and duration. In this respect I agree with Cah. I didn’t start to stretch until the third month of my PE.

Are you doing the Kegels? They help keep willy engorged. If you’re working on the glans, you certainly would not want to take what little extra time you have and devote it to stretching.

I would stick with the jelqing and try to devote more time to it until you have more time to do both.

Obviously, if you only have five minutes here and there, it’s almost impossible to do a wet jelqing routine, especially since you should warm up properly. In that case, stretching would probably be the only solution.

Good luck.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Be mindful of the anatomy. Pushing blood into the glans (head) doesn’t mean you’re doing jelqs the right way. The main erection chambers (corpora cavernosum, CC) are not connected to the head. Only the corpus spongiosum, CS (the ridge along the bottom of your penis), has a direct connection there. Using the “OK” grip, which circles the entire penis, can but more pressure on the CS than necessary. An inflating glans is not necessarily a sign of a “good” jelq stroke.

Jelqing with the palm down, so your fingers touch the CS, concentrates the energy on the CC which is what helps with length and girth gains. You might consider RB’s dry jelq method which puts very little pressure on the CS/head.

Stretching alone can help with gains, but jelqing is the better and faster method if you can devote more time to it.

IMO you need more than 5 minutes here and there. Your girlfriend can’t be so clingy as to not give you more than 5 minutes alone. I’m sure you can find the time somewhere.

If you can’t PE for more than 5 minutes then why bother at all? This takes time, effort and dedication.

Heed Westla’s advice, pal. He’s the expert here.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Thanks Guys

Thanks Cah,HorseHung and Westla for your time and advice.When I say 5 mins here ,5 mins there I mean guaranteed PE time.Yeah I get 30 mins to an hour maybe 2/3 times a week which I try to take advantage of.

I suppose my question should have been if I use this 5 mins a day to only do stretches,will I gain EL but you’ve answered that.

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