If discoloration continues after several massaging sessions, what should I do?

I’m trying to catch any and all discoloration as soon as I can before it comes a larger problem. I used a rice sock on the underside of my penis and tried to massage out the discoloration with 2 fingers. However, I didn’t accomplish anything and it looks exactly the same. I’m going to continue to do this for another 2-5 days. If the discoloration does not leave, what do you recommend I should do?

Also, for the ‘Wrapping to remove discoloration’ thread, which offers another way to remove discoloration, I don’t understand what Bib is trying to say. All I understand is that he is wrapping his penis in a wrap. Could I get a wrap that he talks about from Walmart? And, could somebody explain what he is saying in a different way, so that I can understand it?