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If a certain angle during stretching.

If a certain angle during stretching.

Feels really good (@11:00) and my dick seems to keep stretching/releasing during the stretch, should I do more at that angle than others?

I know. It sounds like a stupid question, but you never know when something is actually the opposite of what you assume is right.


By ‘really good’ can you describe the feeling more. Because you said ‘it releases’ during the stretch it makes me think you’re doing an involuntary kegel.

Really though, you just want to feel the stretch, some slight ache in the ligaments (at the base of your penis area). If you’re achieving this then it’s good.

I don’t believe I am. I’ve worked hard on stopping involuntary kegels and butt clinching.

The feeling seems to be coming from the whole shaft-mostly on the sides and underside. Doesn’t feel like a skin pull at all and it just “registers” as good/pleasant/do that some more.

That 11 oclock pull, will hit the inner penis back to the perineum. I do an 11 oclock pull followed by a btc pull, and it just seems like more is there for the btc pull.

That seems like a good idea-almost like a see-saw.

When you think about it, anything else you’d try to pull out of something it was firmly anchored in, you’d work back and forth-like you would pulling a tough weed out of the ground. Along the same lines, I’ve taken to adding gradually enlarging circles for the last 15 sec of a 45 sec. Stretch.

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