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Ideas from the garden

Ideas from the garden

This post may not be for the new members at Thunders, as i am one. Concerning my penis and the way it erects to the left, if during an erection i taped it to a stick do you think it would straighten it out. This may be stupid or just playin humurous, but would the concept of holding a tree upright crossover into making my stump straight?

It’s probably more trouble than it’s worth. During the taping you’d probably lose most of your erection. Also, just getting it straight might not be enough, you’d probably have to bend it in the opposite direction to overcome the curve. Some guys say they have straightened curves by jelqing against the curve (do a search on that, button top right of every page). It’s also been suggested that getting erect in a tube or vacuum pump cylinder might help. Curves are hard to overcome. They seem to be caused by a defect in the tunica (for whatever reason) which developed over time. Correcting them, if it’s possible, will also take time. Sorry I can’t be more helpful, but as far as the taping to a stick idea goes, I think that one’s a loser.

Thank you, i know your very highly respected on the board so i think you would know.

Timeo Danaos Et Dona Ferentes

Usually straightening anything that is bent requires you to over-correct in the opposite direction. So just taping it to a straight stick isn’t going to do it. So like westla suggests, jelqing with at least a 90% erection and over-correcting in the opposite direction is likely to bring the best result.

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