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Idea for correcting a curve

Idea for correcting a curve

Lately I’ve been trying to correct a slight curve to the left in my dick, and I’ve been doing this as a part of my PE routine. You get your penis in a semi erect state or however erect you need for it to fling back or bounce up when you kegel. Take your penis and place it over the leg which opposes the curve (in my case since penis curves to the left, flop over right leg) and then place your hand over the shaft and just pin it down. Then I just proceed to perform my kegels which at the moment are 50 x 5 sec hold, and just gently apply resistance with my hand as my dick tries to form it’s curve.. It feels as if I’m ironing the curve out. Not sure if anyone has thought of this before or if it will work, but I’m going to persevere and see if this brings any results!

Get out a protractor or trace your dick, this way you can measure if it is getting better or not. I am very interested to see how it goes keep us posted. Good Luck!

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Yeah I may just do that, thanks Clemski. If this method should fail then any possible injury aside (god forbid), I won’t have wasted any time as I need to do the kegels anyway, and if it does work then I could be killing two birds with one stone :D

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