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I was wondering.

I was wondering.

Hey guys :)

My current NPEL is 6,3 inches long. But when I fully stretch my flaccid penis I can hit the 7,2 inch mark. I was wondering how this turn out? I think an inch is a big difference.


Maybe you just have more room to grow ;) .

How should that be understood? :)

Some people think that a longer BPFSL is potential to grow. I know of a few long time PEers that have grown faster in BPEL so that it is about the same length as their BPFSL. I don’t really know what to think though. Just work hard and stay consistent!


Ah ok, I get it :)

I am working very hard :)

I tend to be 1.5cm longer BPFSL

Mine one BPFSL even less than my BPEL

I think that’s the reason why I grow so slowly.

Well, I don’t grow very fast either, actually very slow. But I just think it’s weird that it’s more than 2 cm difference!

It’s not weird. It can depends on how your penis is shaped, on the elasticity of your glans and other (very normal) factors.

But are they factors that affect gains?

My BPFSL is 3/4” longer than BPEL and maintained the same margin with a 1/4” increase in both so far

Originally Posted by Paddehj

But are they factors that affect gains?

A different shaped penis will tend to grow in a different shape. Since we don’t really know how the penis grows, you shouldn’t worry about how your penis is shaped or this or this other theory. Learn how your penis react to this or this other exercise, frequency etc.. Sorry, no shortcuts. :)

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