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I want length but not girth

I want length but not girth

I guess my situation is fairly unique because I tried to search for a topic on this and couldn’t find any results. I already have slightly over 6” girth so I would like to minimize ANY potential girth gains while wanting to gain about an inch in length so that I will become 8” NBPEL.
I suppose what I’m asking is the type of routine I should follow to AVOID girth gains but still gain length.

I’m new here btw.. Probably somewhat obvious ^_^

Welcome to PE Securesize! I would focus on stretching if you want to get length gains.

Starting stats- BP 5x4.5 (2002) Current stats- PBEL 7.25x5.25 (2012) PE is a marathon, not a sprint!

Definitely manual stretching at all times possible. Even hanging if you think your ready for that. I gained a .75 inch over this last year with manual stretches alone. No girth at all except at the base where my inner penis came out more.

Do the Newbie Routine for at least 3 months except don’t gradually increase your wet jelqs. I would still recommend incorporating a small amount of wet jelqing in your routine, without increasing the duration or intensity, wet jelqing is pretty unlikely to cause girth gains, I think, but its still great for your penis and will help with length gaining. After at least 3 months continue your truncated jelq routine but swap stretching with hanging, and to totally avoid girth, don’t do any fancy exercises. Just hang, straight down, or outwards. Welcome to Thunder’s and Goodluck! :)

I will give you something similar to what I did to get my length.

10 min warm up
100 wet jelqs
Stretch 1 min foreword
1 min rest
Stretch 1 min up
1 min rest
Stretch 1 min down
1 min rest
Stretch 1 min left
1 min rest
Stretch 1 min right
1 min rest
Stretch 1 min and clockwise slowly
1 min rest
Stretch 1 min and counterclockwise slowly

Re warm up and repeat stretches up to 5 times.

If at any time you start to lose girth but gain length I your routine measurements, simply kegel and squeeze/hold and stretch for 1 min instead.

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