I want about 2.5 inches

Hello everyone. I’ve been following this forum along with a few other PE forums for quite some time now and of course, these forums have taught me everything I know about PE.

I Have been doing manual PE for almost 4years off and on and managed to gain and maintain an inch in length and maybe .5 in girth which has taken me from 6 3/4 in length to 7 3/4.. I know that isn’t much for 4 years but I will admit that I am my own worst enemy when it comes to PE because I can never manage to stay consistent for longer than 3 months, whether it is because of me getting discouraged from not seeing any gains or just simply from life getting in the way.

But now that I am a truck driver and about
To begin doing long haul routes, I feel that this is the perfect time for me to dedicate the next two or three years to PE and begin hanging to achieve my goal which is to have a 10 x 7. So with that being said, I would like to know two things:

A) Has anyone made any serious gains from hanging AFTER gaining from manual PE? I just wanted to know so I can know what to expect.

B) I’m looking into the LG hanger and thinking about using that in combination with the phallosan forte in hours that I’m not hanging.. As an ADS of course. Will this be too much on my penis?. And Will the LG bring me the results I’m looking for? 

I would honestly like everyone’s opinion on which is the best hanger to use. And why or why not the LG is best to use.. Oh and phallosan results would be appreciated too.

Thanks Guys