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I want a spiral penis curve

I want a spiral penis curve

Hey brothers, after reading some requests at thunders about members wanting a curved penis, i decided to have a spiral curved penis. So what kind of exercises do i have to do? Maybe i will design a spiral tube to pump.

Are you serious?! If not haha nice one!

What do you mean if he’s serious? I’m sure most men have spiral penises.

What exactly do you mean by spiral? Sorry if I’m not getting the point here, I think I just have a different sense of humour(I’m Irish)…


Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Ya my dick is totally spiralled. It looks like a unicorns horn.

Originally Posted by dlm4
Ya my dick is totally spiralled. It looks like a unicorns horn.

lol, and my balls look like a horse head.


Beginning (no PE) (6-30-08--7.25" BPEL, midshaft 4.6" EG) ** (7-1-09 -- 7.25" BPEL, midshaft 5.1"EG)

Okay, yeah I thought it was a joke, just didn’t want to offend anyone lawlll.

Hey this thread is a joke. I just don’t get why so many members here want to have a upward curve. What is the mean? Hit the g spot? To many worries about the penis. I have a left curve and I am ok with it. We just need to have hard rock erections. Hey guys, we only need to worry about the quality of erections we are having. And improve erections is very easy and realistic.

Off course many will not realize it, they are obsessed with size and curves. It cost many perception and focus to realize a truth. And the truth is that the only thing girls want in a man is confidence and a hard dick. They want to be fucked hard.

If you realize this magical truth, your 3 inches penis will have the same magnetic effect of a 10 inches one. It will start to attract many pussies with the magnetic confidence radiation of your dick.

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‘I’ not ‘i’ when speaking of yourself, bugasaman, please.

Originally Posted by marinera
‘I’ not ‘i’ when speaking of yourself, bugasaman, please.

Ok, thank you for this free english lesson.

Originally Posted by bugasman
Ok, thank you for this free english lesson.

Actually, it’s a free Forum Guidelines lesson. It could not be free the next time.

Good one marinera. Lay down the law for the young’uns.


Spiral dick would bring a whole new meaning to the term “screwing” :)

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