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I wanna grow

I wanna grow

Ok, I always had this problem since I was younger. My father has 10 inch cock, and he never jelq and not even know that this exists

I starte from 5.5 inch.. Now I am 6.5 I want to grow!! Length and girth

I am doing jelqing since April

Here is my today routine

I did 2 sets of 5’ of v stretch under the shower

Then in the evening I had 35’ jelqing and some (2-3) ULI

So I have a question about Uli 3:

How many times should I try to move forward my hand to consider a set is done? And how many sets and how much rest, after doing jelq

Also.when do I include clamping .how many minutes..

Other question: frequency..

I am use to jelq 3-4 times a week.
Should I improve? I noticed I stopped to grow.I was doing 22-23 ’ of jelq and some stretch before it

To gain equally length and girth should I split.doing one day girth, one day length? (Maybe using an hanger.that I have to build home made).working out 6 times a week.. One girth one length?

Thanks for the good man who will give me some nice advices to improve my skills and my cock!!

What to do when I have an intense sexual life?I usually did in the last year for 10 min jelq 3 times a week, but I am single again since a while, so more time to dedicate.

How old are you? If your father really has a 10 incher, it’s possible you still might have some natural growth coming your way.

No I am old.I am 36 years old bro.. So .ehhehe..

I do not look like him not even esteriorly, I took from my mom side


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