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I thought of a new stretch

I thought of a new stretch

I call this the bridge stretch because your penis is bridging over your hand. This stretch is easy, I do it while sitting and I don’t use any baby powder when doing it and it does not tire out your hands as fast as other stretches. To perform this stretch, take your right hand with your palm facing up and grab your penis right below the glans in between your thumb and index finger right in the area where the two fingers separate. Next, while holding your penis, push your thumb into your hand and put your fingers over it, securing your penis and your thumb. Next, rock your hand toward you as far as you can so your hand rests on your stomach with your palm facing your stomach. Your penis should be facing down or back towards itself. Your pinky should be facing the base of your penis. Now hold this stretch for as long as you like, I do one to three minutes.

Sort of an inverted v-stretch if I got your description correct. One thing that worries me is the pressure on the dorsal nerve. Too much can cause problems. Take it easy with this stretch and stop at the first sign of pain or numbness. Be sure to let everyone know it goes for you.

More like an inverted u stretch =D

Yeah the V-stretch is very well known and has been used and modified by lots of people. Its a great stretch.

I still don’t really understand your description though. I’m trying to visualise it but I end up with a hand with about 20 fingers a three palms and then just get confused.

Here’s what I got. Let me know if this is correct superglass:

1) Place your hand underneath your dick, palm up. Let your dick rest on your hand like your showing it off to someone.

2) Position your dick close to the joint between your thumb and index finger.

3) Roll you thumb over your dick toward your palm.

4) Close your fingers around your thumb and dick.

5) Roll your hand 90 degrees back toward you, pivoting on your pinky finger.

6) Hold stretch.

That’s how I see it stevie, but you are right about the dorsal nerve catching a lot of pressure as you are bending right around it.

Ill try to describe it better, this description is from a sitting down position. So if you’re sitting, when you are trying to get the grip your hand should be palm up, your penis straight up, which is directly out from your body standing, and now put the point right under the glans as far in as possible into the separation of the thumb and index finger. So your thumb should actually be farther from your skull than your penis, and the other four fingers should be closer. I’m worried about what someone said about the nerve though, is that really dangerous? Because yes this stretch does seem to put a lot of pressure behind and below the glans, but doesn’t an inverted v stretch in general apply the same kind of pressure.

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Superglass, now I’m confused. What specifically should be changed in the description I posted above?

Yes, it’s very dangerous to put a substantial amount of pressure on the dorsal nerve. It can lead to numbness/loss of sensitivity.

In most v-stretch variations the pressure is applied to the middle or lower shaft. You grip with one hand 1/2”-1” behind the glans, and push (further down the shaft) with the other hand.

The The Thumb Stretch from Johan, might be the safer method.

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