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I think we need a rice sock FAQ or HOWTO

I think we need a rice sock FAQ or HOWTO

Hi (again) guys,

Tried to assemble one tonight but it’s a complete disaster.
Maybe it’s because of my length (just under 5 unfortunately) but I am finding it hard to get one of these things to have the right rice pressure.

I can’t really put it on because I can’t get the right sock to rice depth ratio.

Can someone who has constructed one take a photo please?
I built one tonight (no sewing machine so it took over an hour) but it just doesn’t fit right and weighs a lot.

Just did some reading, I need to clarify what I mean.
Building a rice BAG out of a sock is easy

but a chap here made a rice sheath with 2 socks sewn into each other to go over his cock or pm (and yes you have to be careful before putting your dick in it) but that’s what I’m having trouble making.

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