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I think this needs to be asked.

I think this needs to be asked.

Ya know people say they do X amount of wet/dry jelqs or what have you.but do they do that continuously, or do reps of 10, then shake it out, then keep going, or do they just do straight up 100 in a row..

I have been doing reps of 10 w/ 3 sec. Each stroke. And then work yourself up to like 15 in a row, shake it out/get new blood and then keep going

What it all boils down to is this..

Do you do “sets” to get to 100, or however many,
Or do you do straight up 100 at a time.

When I started off, I did Reps of 10 until I reached 100. Now I do reps of 30 (It takes longer for the blood to move around because it’s getting used to it) until I reach 90, then 10, then repeat for 200.

Of course, I have a nice long Warm wrap session before and After.

I have two methods of jelqing: (1) I alternate grips with my left hand and my right hand; (2) I hold my balls and base back with one hand and jelq with the other.

When I’m using method (1), I do 50 reps, stop for a few seconds, and then do another 50 reps; then I rest for twenty seconds or so before beginning the next 100.

When I’m using method (2), I do 25 reps with one hand gripping my balls and base, while I jelq with the other hand; then I swap hands over and do another 25; swap again and again till I get to 100 reps; then I rest before beginning the next 100.

I find that method (2) gives me a very different kind of jelq than method (1). But I like to use both methods.

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