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I think no one had this problem

I think no one had this problem

Hello to all of you.First sorry of my bad english,second hello to everybody,this site is my light on end of the tunnel! :)

I am reading this site almost 3 months and I started PE! I ha a great results on 1. months and I felt my erection was better and flaccid was great. But during the sex I heard some sound in my penis,something was broke there. I spoke wit my doctor and he said that was fascia(something in my penis).. He said that I should rest of sex about 2 weeks and there is no need for operation. Does anyone one have information how LONG is should STOP doing PE ? THANKS everyone, THIS SITE IS GREAT!

Welcome NYC.

Do you have/had pain?

Mine does that once in a while. Sounds like a cracked knuckle or something. Never stops me from doing anything, and it’s been happening every once in a while since I can remember.

!! That’s not to say go against what your doctor says. I don’t know the severity of what happened to you.

I once had that happen to me. It was a really loud popping sound at the base of my dick. I’ve heard it’s your ligament popping and nothing to seriously worry about as long as your not having any problems because of it. You didn’t describe any.

Holy Sunday Morning Shit-Filled Donuts, Batman! Are you saying that people will by default almost always take binary views of complicated or complex situations? That they are not the great creatures of logic that our tabula rasa supposed minds wish they could be? It is almost like they are 24/7 emotion driven and are good liars or in deep denial. Say it ain't so Sam. -TwatTeaser

He’s referring to Buck’s Fascia. I doubt you “broke” that since you would be in lots of pain as well as impotent. It’s just a lig pop, keep going.

Then: 6.75" x 5" ----> Now: 8.5" x 5.75"


Hey thanks you everybody for quick answer! :)

No I don’t have pain,everything is ok,doctor said that’s is some kind of ligaments,and no need for operation,and mother nature will fox everything!

No problems withs erection I just want to know is it good now to doing stretches and jelqing now or should I take a rest for a few weeks,months?

You are great guys! Long live thunders! :)

Lig-pops, right. Nothing to worry.

Thanks you marinera.It’s past 15 days,sou should I start all over again or should I wait maybe week or two?

You can start right now. Try a lighter version of newbie routine, cutting a little on inensity and/or volume. Probably you’ll heard that sound again (lig-pop) - don’t worry.

Tanks MARINERA, you are a KING :)

No, just a friend with some more experience on PE stuff :) .

I tried to do stretching but after 5 minutes and next day I felt that my penis is TIRED ! But I take 2 days rest and now it’s ok!

I don’t what to do? Should I Waite a couple more weeks ?

Originally Posted by NYC1985
I tried to do stretching but after 5 minutes and next day I felt that my penis is TIRED ! But I take 2 days rest and now it’s ok!
I don’t what to do? Should I Waite a couple more weeks ?

Take a look at this to help you get some idea if you’ve done too much:

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

Tanks Invisible I was doing last night light stretch and now is ok!

This forum change my life!

I always was good in sex(women say that :) ) but you know,we with small penis are like a fat women’s,giving best of ourselves not floppy like a big dickers :) haha Long live Thunders! :)

6/08 13cm & 8cm

12/08 15cm and 10cm is my GOAL!

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