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I think Ive just messed up my unit... :/


I think Ive just messed up my unit... :/

Hey Guys,
Ive been doing PE for a year, and a week ago I think I went overboard with my bathmate. I pumped to
the maximum during one session.

It seems I cant get any erection, well a really soft one. Its been week, or more a week and a half.
When I watch porn, I am stimulated, well kind of stimulated, but something feels different, I just cant get my unit filled.

I think I will need to see a doctor, Im really depressed, I have a feeling that Ive messed up big time,
with no turning back. I feel like shit, been thinking about this on and off, one day saying to myself
that all will be good, but then when I test my unit with porn, well……. :(

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Is it possible that my unit is only overworked? :/

Current: BPEL - 6.69 inch - EG - 5.2 inch

Goal 7.5 x 5.5

Futrue goal (in 6 years) 8x6 yipee

Yup, I think ya just overworked the poor bastard. A week really isnt that long. Give it more time to heal, and try not to masturbate often.

Originally Posted by king-ding
Yup, I think ya just overworked the poor bastard. A week really isnt that long. Give it more time to heal, and try not to masturbate often.

Thanks King, but I think its more seriois. When I lie in bed on my side, It seems I have a little bit of wood, when I turn around it goes away, as if the blood was drained out. Im suspecting a veneous lekage here to be honest, I know its been 1 and a half weeks just, but Im really scared that after a month there will be no improvement. So I get no morning wood, but like I said, I woke up a couple of times and I was lying at a certain angle, and I had a little bit of wood, not much.


Current: BPEL - 6.69 inch - EG - 5.2 inch

Goal 7.5 x 5.5

Futrue goal (in 6 years) 8x6 yipee

If it will put your mind at rest, then I think you should visit a urologist.

I think your overreacting, but understandibally so. But I’m pretty sure it’s nthing permenant, you might have just aggrevated a small vain. I had the same thing happen to me but it healed after almost 2 weeks, your might just require more time, that’s all. But chances are it’s nothing permenant, but check with a doctor anyways, as there is no harm in that.

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Were you already used to pumping?

No campaigns for now

Ok dude,don’t panic and be relaxed. If you are nervous you ‘ll never get a good erection.
I suggested stopping from PE for a while. It can some weeks or even a year (if you are serious about Pe you should know that it takes time).
And if it makes you more comfortable go see a doctor,a good and smart one,and tell him everything. Sure he can help you. But maybe there isn’t no need to go to.It’ s up on you.

Stop watching porn (it’s a good way to lowered your libido),stop masturbate,stop every activity. You can use your penis only to pee. Let”him”heal himself. And\or go see a doctor.

Apply heat for at least half hour every day, like you’re warming up for pe but don’t do ANY thing else. Just let that bad boy rest. You’ve over trained him and this could take anything up to 6 weeks to fully heal. I did this early in to my pe training and it scared the hell out of me but after a month of taking it very easy it was back and rock hard as ever!

Be patient and try not to worry too much, that negative energy only makes things worse.

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You overtrained. It’ll come back in about 3 to 4 weeks. I’ve done it many times. Even to the point to where I couldn’t get ANY wood. So, you’re better off than I was and mine came back in about a month.

Just don’t stress over it. You’ll be cool. You can’t do too much damage with pumping anyway. It’s one of the safer forms of PE.

These days I think I DO have a pretty big dick

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Don't over train!! Less is more!! Drink water!! Eat right!! Be consistent!! Think Positive!! Size is the least important factor in sex!

I have done something similar with Clamping. I was fully clamped one time and my penis just deflated like a balloon.

I could not get wood for around two weeks, then it came back strong as ever.

I bet you will be fine just give it some more time.

As far as the Bathmate goes It’s a waste of money and time.

My opinion of course

All I can say is that I hope it heals for you. I’ve always believed that pumping is a very bad idea. Why pump when you can get all of your gains manually? There’s less risk.

I hope you heal man and I also hope you learned a lesson. I know it seems harsh but what were you thinking when you did this. This site is very useful in preventing injury by learning from others past mistakes you should see a urologist if it does not return to normal in several weeks. Good luck man and sorry for the lecture its all for your own good.

Sounds bad. These posts scare me. I clamp all the time, if my unit deflated and I couldn’t get it up, I would suspect a leak too. Hopefully it’s not.

Hey Guys,
a big thanks for all the support and kind words, they help me stay positive.
Ive been pumping for almost 2 weeks, but jelqing/ stretching for a year and a little bit hanging for a month/month and a half.
Ive overtrained my unit before, too much jelquing, and when I stopped eventually it all came back to normal.
Its a little bit different this time, well the sensation is somewhat different.

I know less is more, and I promised myself not to overtrain ever again, but shit happens, which is no excuse by all means.

Great suggestions about using my weewee to pee only.

Sorry for being so over the top, but I have a strong feeling that something might have happened.
Ill keep you all updated, Ill stop all sexually related activities.

Things like this make me think how my life would end up without a properly functioning unit, comforting myself that its wouldnt be
the end of the world, since I could be very ill with little life left to live, you know sort of a comparison and reminder that it
always could be worse, sometimes it helps when faced with a hard to bare situation.

To be honest its really hard to even think about it, Ive done a lot of research, and found that only major improvement on
venous lekage is surgery and implants. Jeez, I wouldnt want to have an implant! I cant imagine it. Cant think about meeting a
girl, and having to tell her that I have an implant… and it only would work for a little more than 10 years.
Sure there is surgery which works in what, 10% or even less?
I dont want to scare anyone, sorry if what I am writing is a little bit hard to swallow (no pun intented), mods of course feel free to modify this if it is a little bit to much.

I know I might be going overboard with the thoughts, that is why I am going to stop now, and think positive like you suggested.
But trust me, Ive overworked before, and never did I write anything here on Thunders about it - nor did I have the urge, but this time I am more alarmed.

Bigbassman - you are right, no problem and your not being harsh at all. All true words spoken, thanks.

Love and peace, take care guys, I know I will now, with extra care.
Like I said, I will keep you updated, and try not to be a little sissy girl about it (at least for now).
And thanks for all the comforting words!

Ps. Well the bathmate seems a little bit overrated,

Current: BPEL - 6.69 inch - EG - 5.2 inch

Goal 7.5 x 5.5

Futrue goal (in 6 years) 8x6 yipee

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