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I think I've broken my penis

I think I've broken my penis

I’ve been stretching for a while now and last night I was stretching and my penis was flaccid but felt more tender than it normally does but I stretched anyway and now when I get an erection the middle part of my penis is thinner than the rest.

Wtf is wrong.

I have a bad cold right now, with a bad cough and I’m takin robitussin but I don’t think that would have anything to do with it.

Well as with any injury you need to chill out and let yourself heal. The fact that it was more tender than usual should have been a sign that maybe you shouldn’t proceed to stretch. Better safe than sorry, especially with your dick. I don’t know what exactly you did to your dick, but it’s highly dubious that it is serious or permanent.

Did you get any extreme bruises or misscolloration on your dick?

If not, and the fact that you still can get an erection, must indicate that you did not burst any veins or chambers. Sounds strange though, that you managed to deform the chambers only by one stretch…

What are your measurement after this misshappening?

I don’t know my measurements, there is a lil brown on the right underside and a lil bit of a dark purple line running up and down underneath.

I’m guessing I just stretched too much skin to the top part? When I’m flaccid there is more skin than normal resting under the glands.

Should I do some downward stretching or do some squeezing at the top part of my shaft?

I don’t know man I just hope it goes back to normal.

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