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I think it's getting wider but not thicker

I think it's getting wider but not thicker

I’ve been clamping since xmas I think my penis is getting wider but not thicker(meaning since the penis is oval shaped instead of cylindrical)! Like if you were looking down at your penis he would be wider but when you measure it’s still the same. Is this normal for clamping? Haha has anyone else have this happen?

I am sure the ladies will still like it.

I wish I could get mine wider. I’ve got decent girth but it’s mainly top to bottom. I’d love some more side to side girth (or width, I guess you could call it). The type of girth I have makes my penis look shorter from the side and doesn’t show off my girth when viewing down from above.


I’ve actually read several threads on here where people have stated that their girth gains from clamping are most noticeable in the CS, so from what I’ve read, the type of growth you’re experiencing is not typical. Maybe if you described your clamping technique/routine, an experienced clamper here could give you some more insight.

"This is my boomstick!"

What does the ruler says?

I wish mine looked wider too! Theres nothing better than seeing my girths mouth filled with my wide penis. Lips pop out and looks Sexy when she strokes back. Man! :)


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