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I think I'm doing something wrong

I think I'm doing something wrong

I’ve been doing PE for almost 2 months now and I’m really not seeing any changes.

My routine:
5 min hot wrap
5 min manual stretching (upward, downward, sideways, rotor, concluding with an inverted V A)
10 min of jelq (3 second strokes)
2 min Uli #3
5 min hot wrap

So yeah. I changed the newbie routine a bit and that’s probably why I’m not getting any results. I also sometimes masturbate after an hour or so, so maybe that effects it. I read about the masturbation thing in the FAQs. I used to have a lot of red spots after Uli and they’d usually go away after a day or two, but now whenever I do this routine, I never get anymore red spots.. So I assume that’s a good thing. Any suggestions?

I also don’t know if there is an exercise to increase flaccid length and girth. I also need a lot of girth, but I think only pumping can increase that, and I do not want to get myself a pump. :(

You should have bumped your jelqing up to about 20 minutes by now. Here is a girth exercise I call Girth Blasters. Take it easy with them.

Girth Blasters New Jelq Technique


I started about the same time you did it appears
And I have been happy with the results so far.

I have gained 1/2 in length already
The thing is you didn’t say how often you do your routine.
I do mine six days a week sometimes all seven.

I noticed the suggestion to up your jelq time but if you feel that
Your conditioned for it maybe even the stretch time too.

Many days I do two of the stretching routines one in the morning and one at night as well. My stretch times are longer usually 15 minutes

Obviously do whats best for you and good luck with future gains

Routine = Jelq and stretch

Whoa I could never up my routine up to like more than 30-40 min


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