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I Think I'm Becoming A Believer

I Think I'm Becoming A Believer

Hey Guys this is my first post. I’ve been lurking for over a month or so now having stumbled across this site while looking at penis extender things.

I got to say I think I’m becoming a believer. I’ve been doing some of the stuff on this site and I’ve noticed something pretty incredible. I started out with almost six inches hard and two days ago, I measured and was almost hitting six and a half! One of the first things I noticed early on was much harder erections, longer and thicker flaccid states etc. At first I thought it was just fluid buildup or something, and maybe it is I don’t’ know. My dick is thicker although I ain’t really measured girth from the beginning or at this point, so I can’t say how much. But I’m real pleased with how it looks and feels LOL.

As for what I’ve been doing, well it’s been an exercise in experimentation. I started out with Jelqing and stretching routines from the newbie area. When I noticed a falling off, I thought perhaps I was over doing it a bit. So I took a few days off and resumed. Then I started experimenting with hanging using golf weights. I loved that! But it’s been the biggest problem concealing the dame bulge in my pants, especially when I’m at class. I’ll hang anywhere from three to four six ounce weights for periods of four to six or more hours a day, usually at least five days a week. I also started experimenting with the clamp and that has been terrific as well. I’ve been wearing strap cock rings for years so it was pretty much the same thing, except clamping at the base of my dick rather than my whole package.

Since I’m also a pretty avid weight trainer, I take supplements like NOX 2 and Biotests Tribulex for that and I wonder if that has helped. I’ve been taking this stuff a lot longer than I’ve been dong the PE and it didn’t have an effect on my unit prior so…

I’m 39, so the sensation of having random hard on’s sometimes has been great. At times when I’m not golf weighting, I’ve had random erections while in class and it brings back memories of highschool LOL. My only embarrassing moment so far was when I had a golf weight slip off in school. I felt it moving and it slid down the pants of my leg. I bent down and caught it real fast before it fell out, and to the best of my knowledge no one noticed - I hope. But damn, it was freaky.

The only deal is, the time. Damn it takes lots of time - so for anyone who’s starting out prepare yourself.

I can’t say I’ll be a regular contributor since my semester is pretty heavy. But just wanted to input and give a thanks for all the guys who’ve made this information available. I can only hope that I can continue to progress, and that it’s a permanent thing. Having just shy of six inches and now having almost six and a half in about six weeks is amazing to me. Ten would be great but I’d be happy with eight or even seven LOL. I’m not too greedy.

Hey man, glad it’s working for you. Hearing positive feedback from people is what keeps me motivated. I’m shooting for a .5” gain in 3 months and every post like this that I read makes me a little more confident that I can achieve this.

Congrats on the gains! I’m in almost the same boat as you. Started about five weeks ago myself. I’m also 39. My starting measurements were the same as yours. After four weeks, I’ve pulled out another .75” in BPEL, maybe .2 in EG. I’m just doing the newbie routine right now, seems to be working for me. I do a traction wrap with an ACE too during the workday. I feel harder now and more vascular. Haven’t really noticed any flaccid improvements, maybe just a little but I know with time that’ll come along.

I read somewhere that for us older(?) guys, that gains can come easier. Must be easier to break our aged tissues :) Good luck on continued gaining and keep up the progress posts.

Start: 1-23-06 BPEL:6.0 EG:4.8 NBPFL:3.4 FG:3.6

ST Goal: 6.25 x 5.0

LT Goal: 7 x 5.5

My 5 lb slipped off in the center of Wallgreens.

Nobody paid any attention even though it came down with a thud.

No TH members around , I guess..

Who ,the hell, will suspect anyone to hang a wrist wrap off his dick!

You can always say: I have a hole in my pocket and wife has hissy fits lately.

Why golf weights? Jogger’s wrist wraps are easier on and instantly off.

Think of the gathering of nurses in an emergency ward when you seek professional help to take the lead off your swollen penis.


Thanks guys

Thanks for the good words guys! Wow never thought of joggers wrist wraps! That sounds real doable. I’m having a problem sometimes with the golf weights because they’re a little small and they constrict a little. I’m gonna be getting some of those wrist wraps and give them a try!

My hopes are rising :D I’m about where you are when hard. Congratulations on your increase!

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