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I think I gain quickly

I think I gain quickly

I push myself hard. Do about 150 we Jelqs a day about 50 dry jelqs 200 kegels 10 horse squeeze 5 stretches every direction and 10 440’s alternating squeezing base and head for 30 secs. Been doing this for 3 or 4 months and have noticed girth gains for sure. I’m pumped this PE stuff actually works. Thought it didn’t but it really does. Gonna keep up the steady routine. I have noticed my girls pussy seeming like a child’s and not being able to fit is the norm the past week or two. The past couple months I’m gained a half a inch in girth stayed same in length maybe 1/3 inch bigger. Girth now at 5.2inches length 7.3ish. My girlfriend could hardly take my cock past two nights. She’s been sore and telling me I’ve really been beating up her pussy. I’m going for 8 inches by 5.5inches so I destroy my girl. Also looking for flaccid gains? That pretty much my concern.

Sex tip#1 lick pussy at least 10 minutes before

Good job, my gains are even more absurd.. I’m 30 years old my size was 6” long and 4.75 wide, I measured that less then 2 weeks ago actual date was 2/22/2013. I started with the the newbie routine 2 days on 1 day off.. Except one of the 2 days I would do 60%- 80% erect and the other day full erect. I never cared about length I think 6” is perfect because while your in a girl you can stimulate the cl-it and penetrate.. I always gave my partners orgasm with my tool but I personally thought 4.75 girth was too thin. Anyways now I’m 6 1/8” and 5” girth (1/8 length and 1/4 girth change).. I never checked my base girth when I stared but my base girth is 5.5”.. It feel bigger and looks fatter. I’m fucking shocked I don’t think the PE thing work this much this fast.. I read allot of post and people don’t get this kinda gains for like 6 months in.. One more thing when I do my exercise I use baby oil as lube maybe that’s the secret. Oh one more thing I didn’t masturbate maybe once a week so I don’t get blue balls. I think thats the real secret because new blood keeps filling up down there because I get like spontaneous hard on like 10 times a day.(my college has beautiful girls). Hope this helps.

That’s great. I’m trying hard to keep up the gains the rest of the month. Weird thing is I didn’t start seeing gains till I started using baby oil and massage it in for 5 minutes. Could be something..

I’m 22 and realized I wanted a bigger dick 3 years ago. I never measure but I think I’ve gained almost a inch in both although the most noticeable gains after I started being more religious about PE.

Everyone has to know that you can do just as go as work in bed with a 5 inch long dick as the 8 inches. I’m not gonna say you just gotta know how to use it. There are tricks to pound your girl for hours: calm breathing, breaks to lick pussy, change positions. And you gotta know that to key to a women’s orgasim is in her heart. Light a damn candle, play some dope music, hold her during sex. Body pressure on girls feels comforting to them. Another thing which above member mentioned but you have to penetrate and rub the clit a little bit throughout. And then just pound hard. Oh ya the breathing technique really works. Kinda just breath in your chest don’t really use your nose. After doing this I’ve never cum before my girl has one or two.

I’m now so confident in my dick hard but want to be more confident flaccid. Any help?

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