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I think I damaged the ligament to the left side at the baseof my penis

I think I damaged the ligament to the left side at the baseof my penis

I started PEing about this time last year and was doing it for about 3 weeks but had to stop for various reasons (not to do with any injury). I noticed once when I was stretching that maybe I had overdone it a bit but nothing too bad. I started up again a few months ago only for about a week, this time I was aware of the fact that my left side was more sensitive and weaker than the right. I started again today and can definitly feel there is an injury there. Time doesn’t seem to have healed this wound so I’m wondering what I should do. Should I stop? If I continued but made sure I didn’t put any strain on that part would it eventually get stronger. I know from ligament injuries in other non-sexual parts of my body that scar tissue forms on an injury and a physiotherapist is needed to heal it. Is there any other way to heal it since leaving it hasn’t fixed it? I made sure I used a hot wrap on this area before and after stretch. Thanks for taking the time to read and any replies will be greatly appreciated.

Does it hurt during the day? And what about your erections, can you still have them or does it hurt when you get too excited?

And what exactly do you feel when you say that you can definitely feel there is an injury?

Hi pepsi, thanks for reply. No prob there and no pain when I get hard. Well it’s not searing pain but I feel I can pull it alot less on that side than on the right. It’s a small injury now but I’ve had I for a while so I don’t want it to get any worse but I don’t want to stop PE either.

Describe the injury in detail. Is it a generalized sore spot, or a sharp pain with a specific shape?

Also tell us how you think you may have got it. When you first noticed it and what your routine at the time was.

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Hi mr happy, thanks for your interest. It’s on the left side and pulling penis to the right agitates it. If you make a line directly from your hip to the base of the shaft you will cross the area concerned just before reaching the base of shaft. I would say it’s a generalised sore spot as opposed to a sharp pain. I think I got it when I was pulling downwards, while sitting on the edge of a chair, with my right hand. I think holding it this way caused the penis to twist a little, hence pulling more on one side than the other. I was doing the newbie routine with upward, downward, left, right and circular stretchs, 2 x 30 seconds for each one. Any advise would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

If I fully understand what you mean, then I’d say that you should take a day or two off.
I had about the same thing a month ago, it kind of hurt when I stretched my penis (in every direction) so I thought I was stretching too hard and too much.
That made me take 4 days off, no jelqing, no stretching. After the break the pain was gone and I could stretch again.

I’m not really sure if I can call it ‘pain’, but being a foreigner I haven’t got a better word for it. I guess you could call it sore.
One other thing, I’m not 100% sure you are experiencing the same thing as I did, but it sounds to me like it is.
If you decide to take a day or two (or more) off, it won’t affect your growth. In most cases a break will heal your penis.

Thank you very much Pepsi. It’s good to know that it’s not permanent and that ill be back to good old fashioned jelqing in no time. I was thinking that I might just leave out the stretching when I start back in four days, I know from the feeling that jelqing also pulls on the ligaments so I might be better off staying safe. I’ve also found that applying a pain relieving gel helps sooth the area. It’s called bio-freeze - it’s used for sports injuries and that. Kind of like deep heat but a cold version. Be very careful not to get it on the ball bag or penis as it stings sensitive skin but is totally harmless.

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