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I think I am on to something new

Damn. I’ll have to settle for you then.

Hey Bamixgee,

I have been edging in a similar way. While edging, I try to sit on a chair thats low in height and I push my erection down alot which causes a nice engorgement. I get more plumpness edging this way. I’ve been following Vincent V and others’ posts on edging, too. I think it definitely helps erections as well as size. Thanks for the info and take it easy.

I will try to too. Will report tomorrow on how it works out.

1. This seems like an excellent method and it needs a good name. Im gonna try it tonight and see how it goes

and 2. Everyone dont be so uptight, you act like you live your life and people dont make jokes about you, its a friendly community, theyre just jokes, just as if your friends would crack on you.

Haha, I’ve just read this thread, a wonderful example of the inevitable clash of humour between you cerrrazy yanks and us stiff-upper-lip Brits (or ‘humor’ as you Americans would have it).

Not that I think there was anything wrong with any of the comments - a bit of friendly banter is essential to this site. Sure PE is important to all of us, but if you start taking it all too seriously you’re missing the point. This is a good community to support each other, have a bit of a laugh and steadily improve what we want to improve.

There isn’t really much point to this reply - just thought I’d knock up my total posts to 20 and thus be promoted to the Big Boys. (And what is the deal with Seinfeld? It’s just not funny)

OK, lets get back on track here :) (No, slack, I don’t Seinfeld is funny either)

Bamixgee, I don’t want to be a smartass, but I do think your original name suggestion “Juicers” was better.

(Or maybe you should call it “Squatters” or “Squatting marrow”. “Juicing the squatted marrow”? Hey, I know! “BMG Blasters”!)

disclaimer: all of the above is banter. No aminals were hurt in writing the post, as it was supervised by the Humane Society.

regards, mgus

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I Like BMG Blasters, sounds good to me :-)

Bamixgee sorry about my earlier comments just kidding around with you.

I guess its like clamping and edging whilst squatting.

I tried for a while this morning, I got the veins but not the bulge. I’ll try again tomorrow.

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Hey Bax,

Awesome find man! These sound like a great “nightcap” to my jelqing routine!! I’ll have to try them after my last jelqing session tonight.

BTW: I like BMG Juicers as well. Not that that means anything because they are yours to name my friend.

Thanks for sharing!!


slackjawedyokel & Bombazine, Hmmm, I get the bulge and not the veins, my veins are already quiet large, are you forcing the blood into the penis using the Kegels and clamping hard? do not let any blood flow back out until you release the grip for 10 sec rest breaks just keep pumping it in. and occasionally check the sponginess of the top end of your shaft, that is when you are making progress, when you feel that spongy feeling around the penis it is working, just keep going and you should get there, Let me know what happens. cheers Bamixgee


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