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I stopped lurking and started

I stopped lurking and started

Sorry for my english I’m not a native speaker. I’m from Poland (not many countrymen here).

Hey, I recently got inspired by your gains and posts that after reading the forum for a few months I finally started my routine.
This is such a great place with a great community ! I’m thankful that I’ve found it at such a young age (18).
I’m comfortable with my length : 8’ BPEL, 7,5’ NBPEL it’s the girth that has always been an issue well it’s rather the shape of my unit than the actual girth : 5,5’ meg, 5,4 beg.

My penis is widest at mid and narrowest at base. The difference is about 0.25’ so it’s clearly visible. Basically I have a baseball bat shaped dick and I’m unhappy with that. Of course I want to increase my size as well.

I started the newbie routine 2 on 1 off :

- 5 min warm up
- 5 min stretching
- 150 3 sec jelqs (adding 10 more each week)
- 5 min warm up

So far I had 4 training sessions and my unit is responding positively:

- More frequent erections
- Increased flaccid length and girth
- Bigger veins
- Finally have more frequent morning wood 4 times in 5 days before PE it was like 2 times a week

So I believe I’m doing everything right.

I’ll stick to this routine for 3 months and depending on the results I will think what to do next.
I’ve noticed that a lot of you guys are gaining more girth at base that mid-shaft I hope it will be the same with me. But I’ll be happy with any gains.

My short term goals (1 year) are 0.5’ in lenght, 0.5’ meg and 0.6 beg.

My long term goals (2+ years) are 1’ lenght, 1’ meg and 1.3 beg.

In my case I find girth gains more useful than length.

So I want my final size to be 9’ bpel x 6,5’ meg, 6,7’ beg (that’s pretty big maybe I’ll rethink that, but hey it’s just a goal no guarantee I’ll get there).

I won’t mind flaccid size gains since I’m a grower but I don’t put emphasis on it.

After some research on average penis size I realised that I’m above average but it’s a sin to not make your cock bigger and erections harder if you can.
I know I’ll reach my goals even if it’s going to take me 5 years or longer. I have a low lot of 7:30 but it ain’t gonna stop me. I already started liking PE.
I might become addicted just like I did to my training at the gym.

Do you guys think that my goals are reasonable?

Do you know any exercises for base girth?

Wish me luck (sorry for this long ass post, it’s my first) I’ll post my progress and changes in routine.

Goals are reasonable - maybe girth gains are a bit ambitious, girth grows roughly half rate than length, but not out of the realm of possiblity.

You are already huge, but if spending time enlarging your penis is your willing, than who I am to say no.

Hanging and clamping give base girth gains to most of people, but those are advanced techniques you should avoid for the next 6 months.

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