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I see tiny red spots on my head

I see tiny red spots on my head

It is a part of the process or am I over doing it??

Anyone experience this before!

Start: Dec 2004- 5.8in

Current- 6.1 in

There are a lot of threads concerning the dots. I have about four good ones now!<grin>

They’re to be expected from time to time. Some people think little of them, as warm wraps seems to help them subside. I usually get them from too much squeezing. I’ll skip jelq but still stretch and kegel for my next PE routine for a little break, but that’s just me.

Do a search, there’s ton’s on the dots. I just wanted to let you know right away that it’s not something life threatening. Unless the red dots are from buck-shot!


I was worried fo a while,,,,,I will cut back on jelqs for a week.

Start: Dec 2004- 5.8in

Current- 6.1 in

Stopping now will only let your penis get used to not being stressed and you’ll get red spots again when you resume exercises. Keep at them, with a slightly less intensity, and soon you won’t have the spots. This is very common (and often talked about). Have you seen the search button, top right of every page? It’s helpful. :)

For more information search red spots.


You have to do what YOU are comfortable with, Lotsaissues. Personally, I would only skip jelqing for ONE day at the appearance of red dots. That seems to do the trick for me. In two days, the dots are so faded so as to be easily ignored.

Remember, I’m a newbie myself, and I’m in the process of conditioning my penis, as well as getting to know my comfort levels. I don’t want to give bad advice: I’m just telling you what works for me. Good luck!

Slendercock, I think lotsofissues has left the building.

The spots go away and never come back unless you do a marathon session to break thru a plateau. Then I see one or two on the head and consider them cute.

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