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I really need some help

I really need some help

If someobody could relay this to others in other parts of this forum that would be helpful as I cannot access them yet. I injured myself 4 years ago doing this stuff.. Initially I jelqued too vigorously and caused the donut effect with some minor bruising and a blood bubble or something on the top of the shaft an inch or so from the base along with some decreased sensativity along the top of the shaft. It was vague and I think it gradually enveloped slightly around the sides but it was not serious desensitization so it was hard to tell but it never got better. I stopped for a while and about a month later in the shower I was fully erect and bending against a moderate downward curve several times in a row to sort of work out the bend over time being the plan. BTW I always warmed up with warm water and stretching. Well I bent a little too far and the whole penis became instantly desensatized, except in this case there was no tingling or pain or anything, I would not have noticed were I not washing it in the shower.. Kind of strange in itself. I was traumatized and scared out of my mind for a year and had no luck with doctors of any kind. Then I accepted it as a terrible mistake to never make again as I found I could still have sex and everything functioned PERFECTLY, as it still does today, there was just a massive loss in sensation that varied across the skin surface where only the skin along the circumsision scar remained 100%. A year or so after that I was getting head and like a light bulb ,click, there was a sudden drop in the sensativity around the circumsicion scar and since then randomely every few months or weeks or whenever it decides I loose a little more. I have seen a dozen doctors who all say the same thing after a breif look and exam, ” I have no idea whats wrong, looks ok to me” as if they don’t give a shit or they arent a man who could possibly concieve the terror and pain of loosing their penis in their early 20’s. I am currently persuing psyco somatic help but I don’t think that is the answer. I have had and MRI with no results and like I said a dozen very personal exams with no news. I really need someone’s advice on how to approach this as I really do not know how much longer I have. Maybe someone on this board in the dallas area or within 100 miles of it could assist or knows ANYONE who could.. Hell Ill go out of state I don’t care but I need help ASAP. From someone who gives a rats ass and will do more than mentioned above. I am in aggonizing constant fear and need answers as I don’t want to lose my life so early. Please help me out.


Sorry to hear your story. Are you active with PE? What kind of a doctor did you see? Were you prescribed any medicines?

Walk slowly but never backwards.

No no medicine was deemed use full. I saw a number of urologists and neurologists who to date have not had an answer or seemingly a care.. I stopped PE immediately after the major loss, it’s a shame I really didn’t need PE and I went and screwed it all up, woulda, should, coulda.. I would greatly appreciate any ones advice. BTW I am in Dallas Texas USA.

Can anyone share this with others outside the newbie forum? I would appreciate it. More likely to find someone with knowledge there.

So you let 10 or 12 doctors take your money, waste your time, and you didn’t get shit out of them? Find a good urologist, write down a list of your complaints, make two copies, give him one, you keep one (thanks avocet), and the both of you go down the list together. Don’t let the doc rush you out the door.

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It seems like you went through some extensive testing and evaluations…and the results yielded nothing, as you say. Does that mean the results of your testing were negative (as in no evidence of a problem) or inconclusive (as in potentially a problem, just not expressed through whatever diagnostic procedures were performed)?

If a number of medical professionals were unable to come up with some conclusive evidence maybe psychosomatic treatments are the route to pursue, as you suggested. Some forms of hypnosis have been very effective for psychosomatic conditions - especially symptom removal.

I sat down and really was specific and several just plain wouldn’t give a rats ass, the others honestly did not know what would be the problem, that they didn’t ruled out with a basic look and feel. The MRI seems good as far as the genitals go so I would say as far as that goes and having a basic feel around they showed no problems, however there are so I would call that inconclusive. They took my money but they also refered me to others who they thought might know or know someone who might know and that’s where the dozen came from. None of them had seen it before, so I wasn’t expecting not to have to search. The trouble is finding someone who CAN do more than has already been done, maybe some kind of nerve conductive test, which I thought was to test muscular reaction but I could be wrong, or at worst case exploratory surgery, which seems risky since the MRI found nothing. I’m just wondering what else and who else is out there in the grey area between the two, and maybe some of you could give some insight. I appreciate the responses

There may be hope. A nerve conductivity test could help detect damage to any of nerves. As you probably know, the nerves of the penis all meet and then run down the top of the penis like mini spinal cord. The nerve testing could identify a physical problem immediately. If the nerves have been damaged, it’s likely that it occured near the base, thus severing some or all of the conductivity. Nerves can be repaired surgically sometimes. That’s up to a neurosurgeon to determine. I’d ask your urologist to get a referral to a good neurologist who can do the conductivity testing to determine what damaged may have occured then discuss the issue with a neurosurgeon.

Penile nerves can be reattached as John Bobitt discovered quite by accident. Other men have had penile reconstruction and you may have read about a man with a penile transplant who had a perfectly functioning penis.

Failing all that, keep in mind that stem cells are doing astonishing things and are being used in tests to repair nerves. You may find your answer, given the ban on stem cell testing here in the US, in the UK or Japan, or some other first-world country that has medicine as advanced as ours, or in this sad case, more advanced than ours. Stem cells are very close to doing some great things.

The difficult part is that you need a neurosurgeon familiar with the nerves of the penis and has, hopefully, done work like what you need. The better part is that the nerve bundle running down the top of the penis is just that, one bundle, so deeply invasive and extensive surgery may not be required.

Saying all this I must tell you I’m not a doctor or in the medical profession at all. I am, however, familiar with traumatic nerve damage because of a family member who suffered an injury and lost sensation in a body part (not the penis).

I suggest you find the best neurologist in Dallas, if you haven’t already, and if that doctor can’t help you, ask for a referral to someone else who has dealt with this. Bobbitt’s doctor must be around somewhere. I do know a great deal about dealing with doctors. You must not be intimidated by them and if you get unsatisfactory replies to your questions then politely ask who can give you one. Research neurosurgical specialists (who are usually attached to teaching hospitals), look for hospitals that specialize in neurosurgery and ask for a consultation. Yes you may have to travel to New York or some other far place, but you need the best diganosticians available. Columbia Presbyterian in New York has an exceptional neurosurgical staff. I suggest that if Dallas cannot give you answers, then give them a shot. I hope you have tried Baylor University Medical Center, but if you haven’t I suggest you give them a shot.

Good luck and don’t give-up hope. I urge you to read just about everything you can on nerve damage and stem cells. We really are close to having a cure for inoperable nerve damage. You could have everything back working perfectly very soon.

I greatly appreciate the reply, Jason.

Did you ever think about alternative medecine?I mean,I know that everybody is not open to that,and I am in no sense an expert on such matters,but acupuncture can solve a number of body problems and symptoms…and I don’t think they have to stick a needle exactly in your dick to do that.

I heard it’s not that painful as it sounds.

But anyway,you’ve tried a bunch of “normal” doctors,why don’t you try looking the other way?

That’s what I would do,before attempting any surgery on my dick.


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