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I quit


I quit

My hands are tired. Being Uncut made P.E. Difficult. Thankful for my gains. But enough is enough. I can’t win this battle. Peace. Good luck.

Espn sports

What’s up buddy? If yu are uncut you can try other techniques than manual stretching. If you think it is not worth, than you are satisfied with what you have and this is fine.

I wish I could console you but I am uncut and have easily found ways to add almost an inch and a quarter to errect length in a year. We are all different. And there are some downsides. I have more discoloration than I would like but nothing is totally without “give and take”. If you really want a bigger dick, you can make it happen so, give it a second thought in a positive direction. And good luck either way.

I am cut, but as I sit and think about problems doing PE and not being cut I cannot help but wonder, can’t you just pull your skin back before doing PE?

Can you not do that and hang?

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Originally Posted by ivorytower
I am cut, but as I sit and think about problems doing PE and not being cut I cannot help but wonder, can’t you just pull your skin back before doing PE?
Can you not do that and hang?

Hey IT , do you still have the frenulum ?

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I’m uncut and don’t get the relationship to difficulty with P.E. Just pull the skin back!

I think its growing!

So you’re throwing in the towel just like that huh?!

You ever stop and think about how common some of your pe problems are before giving up? This is one aspect I have been wrestling with for a few months now and I believe I may have some insight for you. For starters lets focus on the warmup. You need to make sure your whole body is warned up for pe not just your little buddy. You could go through all 150+ tai chi motions or warm up with yoga but let’s be realistic nobody will just to pe.So I have made a condensed version of a warm up to help with the spine, forearms, and hands. Best part is that it o my takes five minutes and is great to perform while warming up with an IR lamp.

The following moves I have taken out of a few accupressure and eastern health books. I may add mor moves later on.
1) Begin by laying down on the floor with either a back roller or a few rolled up towels under your lower back. Now place your tongue against your palet and breath in through your nose and out your mouth and you start sliding your knuckles down your stomach stopping right above the pubic bone. Do this atleast 20 times.
2) Now stand with feel slightly wider than shoulder with apart and bend down to the middle as far as you comfortably can. Hold for 20 seconds. Now do the same thing except bending to the left and hold for 20 seconds. Repeat with the right side and come up slowly.
3)with the back of your right hand tap your lower back on the right side then extend your arm in front of you with stretched out fingers. Repeat with the other hand in an alternating fashion for 20 reps each. Remember to tap and not slap your back.
4)start gently walking your fingers down your pubic bone and gently stopping at your penis. Do this for 20 seconds before massaging for another 20 seconds.
5) now massage your penis with both of your palms at once working your way up to the head with each motion. Again do this for 20 reps very gently. You may also thro in a few jells of you wish but easy dose it.
6) my final step is a gentle popping of my knuckles and fingers collard by a hand massage and a move I could only describe as finger jelqs.
Now that you’re all warms up let us move to proper care during the exercise.

Im betting you do a lot of long stretches which can be murder on your grip strength. For this you have a few options to keep your forearms from aching all day. One woul be to invest in some method of athletic forearm tape weight litters use for matches. Your second option is to re evaluate you routine and break up your stretches into 30 second managable pulls. Don’t worry about a few seconds of rest it will actually do you better.

If the problem happens durin wet or dry jells then the cause most likely could be too much of a relaxed wrist during the repitition. With each jelq you need to consciously fight to keep your forearm and wrist in line. On the othe hand if your problem happens during squeezes the only solution there mi amigo is to rest and keep it up. I suppose you could practice wringing out wash cloths all day but nothing will compare to pe except pe. As the military says “train the way you fight”.

I hope I could hep you in any way. I Wouk post more but that’s all I have for now. Hope to see you back here soon.

When uncut, each jelq is its own exercise in stress. If you grab too much you get all skin and it just pulls it towards the tip. If you don’t grab far enough towards the base you can prevent this but then you baseball bat your dick. It depends on how much patience you have, but I usually rubberband my sack to hold back as much skin as possible, and use TONS of baby oil.

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I reached 8x6! Now I lurk.

Alin, yes, I believe that I do.

12/10, Bpel-7", Mseg-6", Beg-6.3"

07/11, Bpel-7.85, Mseg-6.5", Beg-6.9" My routine and pics here

What are you talking about? I never got the baseball bat look from gulling the scin foreward. I’m guessing it could be from higher eq jelqs and such.

He is probably gone already or something.

All I can say is are you sure you’re not gonna look back in a couple years and not regret giving it up? I started PE back in 2005 and quit after about four months, and now when I think about it. If I had stuck with it, I’d probably be walking around right now with a third leg.

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Guys it’s not like I want to stop but my body is giving out. My mind says yes, my body is telling me stop.

I have to lose some weight and I really can’t seem to gain length because I am a tough gainer to begin with plus I’m uncut, which magnifies it.

I can just pull the foreskin back, but like the dude says, it just weighs on your arms and upper body, especially chest.

If I were cut, which I am considering in the future, I wouldn’t have to quit because I wouldn’t really have to use manual force. I could employ a device like a hanger to do it for me.

Don’t give in. I had a similar situation to you. I found it difficult to work on gains due to being uncut. My foreskin wouldn’t retract due to a short frenulum and a phismotic ring. I was cut in September last year. Since then life has been great. Sex is better and I’ve gained half an inch from stretches. I’ve just started hanging and it’s really easy. I’ve got a long way to go but having the snip has made things so much better for me in so many ways.

I wouldn’t normally recommend circumcision unless, as in my case, there was a legitimate reason. But give it some thought

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Originally Posted by ESPNSports
Guys it’s not like I want to stop but my body is giving out. My mind says yes, my body is telling me stop.

I have to lose some weight

I hear you. It is hard for me to multitask when it comes to physical improvements - either I am working hard as hell to reach a goal at the gym, and PE is on the back burner, or the other way around.

So take some time off and focus on your whole body for a while.

Then you might have a different perspective and come back and focus more on PE. I don’t think being uncut will be a hindrance, sounds like your uncut brothers will be willing to help out.

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