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I overdid it..what now?

I overdid it..what now?

Hi, i’m pretty new to this. Have been doing PE on and off for a couple of months, so I haven’t really noticed any major changes in size..

The thing is, a week ago I was doing a set of PE. I didn’t ”warm up” by using heat or hot water, but went straight for jelqing and squeezing, doing sets of 10 each. After about 30 minutes, I got a little rough on the squeezing. I squeezed at the base of the shaft with an OK-sign while having a flacid penis, and held each grip like 5-10 sec.

By doing this, my penis got harder and contained a lot more blood than when I had started doing the excersise, but I continued doing squeezes cuz I wasn’t fully erect, in which case I would have stopped, of course. In the middle of a squeeze, i felt a small twitch on the inside of the upper left side of the middle of my shaft, like something inside there had reacted negatively to the excersices. I wasn’t a painful twitch, but I definetly felt something.

I haven’t done any PE excercises since then, and now trying to find out what this was, because since ever since then, the left side of my shaft has looked the same as it did before. I am able to get full erections and all, and I haven’t felt any pain (besides a pulling or shooting sensation on the left side of the shaft going almost down to my testicles, but this doesn’t hurt or even annoy, it’s just there and I feel it,you know?) or gotten any bruising or spots or any other visible damage, but it feels like the nerves or ligs on my left side have sorta been pulled back so that they don’t stretch out properly. Like when I have an erection that is starting to fade, you can see that the right side of my penis is much more thicker and has more ”body” than the left side. This has caused my penis to get a slight curve towards the left starting at the point where the shaft stops and the head begins(so you can say the head has gotten a slight curve..), which I didn’t have before, which is a lot more visible when I have a flacid pemy penis is flacid than when I have an erection. .

I saw someone mention Peyronie’s Disease in a post, and it seems similar to what they discribed there. I would really appreciate some opinions and advices on what to do, both from people who have had similar experiences and those who haven’t, so please, help me out a bit!!!


Welcome to Thunders abe80!!

I’m sorry I don’t have any advice except to search around the Injury Forum. Hang in there, and folks will definitely ring in shortly!!!

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