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I need your help guys

I need your help guys

Hey Guys,

This is my first post and you guys are amazing in here you all thought me a lot especially lil1 but now I am trying to figure out the right program for myself.I am basically built like bib reading from how he was built in his old post’s,my penis size is a little past 6 1/2” EBL it curves to the left is a little bit to and all I am after is length so I know hanging is the best thing for length the length I “hope” to achieve is 2 1/2” in erect length maybe more if it was possible and I will do everything I can to see them gains.I know this question was probably asked a lot but I want to ask it while I am here I know it varies from man to man but why does it take longer to see erect length gain compared to flaccid gains?Thanks guys for all your help in advance I appreciate.


PLEASE can anyone help me ?

Hey T4aC,

You have a deadline or something?? Not all men see flaccid gains before erect gains. Some guys are interested in flaccid gains and have a harder time getting them. It just depends on the individual and the type of program he is doing I guess.

I think a lot of the intial flaccid gains are caused by an improvement in the overall health of a guy’s penis. Possibly some of it is due to swelling in those that don’t wait a day or so after their workouts to measure.

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Thanks Thunder about what I wrote it was late the other night so I’m sorry if things didn’t sound right in there…lol.I do agree what you did tell me though but now I just need to find something that will work for myself.I wanted to tell you that your board is a excellent to learn everything about PE I totally forgot to you that in my first post sorry about that bro and from all the vets on your board from bib”he is like a God in PE”,lil1,Phat9,DLD,dance they are just to name a few that everyone like myself and other newbie’s look up to for the proper advice for choosing the right techniques.I am open to any other suggestions.

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