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I need vets opinion on this

I need vets opinion on this

Tonight I was getting a real good stretch and I was thinking, I wish my ligs weren’t so hard. Maybe there’s a herbal ligament relaxer around I did a search and found this.. What’s you guys opinions?


Scroll down to the middle to the ligament relaxer.

The only thing I saw was tendon and ligament ease. I have a feeling it’s probobly some sort of anti-inflamatory. I don’t think it would do much for your PE endevours. imo

Tizz, I’m assuming you’re using some sort of warm up device(heating pad) before the workout? Are you using any kind of constant heat while doing your exercise? How are you stretching? Manually? Hanging?


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I don’t use a heating pad but I do heat while I’m warming up and cooling down. I do 300 jelqs in the morning followed by manual stretching. Then in the afternoon I do the same thing. After my after my afternoon workout, I put on a ADS for about 3 - 4 hours. I’m not having trouble with gains. I’ve been at this almost 4 months now and I put on about .5 inches in length (newbie gains). Haven’t measured girth, but it feels thicker. But I think I have my work cut out for me, cus I think my gains are plateauing. The reason I was looking for a lig relaxer is I want to get faster gains. I don’t have the privacy to hang, even though I want to real badly. The ADS is stretching my tunica and not my ligs. I figured if my ligs we’re more relaxed it’ll stretch easier. Don’t you guys think that’s true?

Thanks for the replies btw

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