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I need to know this.

I need to know this.

Is there a side effect in doing a PE like can’t make a baby? Just need to know, so please answer (not->plz ans). And it’s ok having sex when your doing a PE like 2 days PE 1 day sex 2 days PE 1 day sex like this?


welcome to you.

I really would like to help, but I haven’t understood your first question.

Try posting again; if English isn’t your mother language, try posting in another language.

There’s no problem in doing PE 2 on 1 off, or having sex the same day you do PE.

1-No need to alternate between PE days and sex days.

2-No side effect to PE except: discoloration (in some cases) and hairy palms. Yes, the second one is a joke.

Use the Search feature for “sex” and see what you get. It’s been discussed ad nauseum. If you don’t study the information provided regarding the Newbie Routine, and how to do PE properly, then you could certainly get to where you “like can’t make a baby” because you’ve fucked up your dick. If you do PE the right way (hint: read, read, read), then you might be more likely to make a baby because of improved EQ and a stronger libido.


Xgen some answers for you.

1. No.
2. Alternating between P.E and sex seems fine, though there is to this date no correlation between P.E and sex.

Hope this helps. Anyways perform a search, I believe there is a thread on P.E and sex.

Take care.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

OK thanks to every one here, sorry for my grammar cause I can’t speak to much english.


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