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I need to gain 2 inches by december 31st 2012


Originally Posted by iamaru
Go do that.

Having had access to the best PE resource in the world hasn’t worked for you. The comments you made make it obvious that you have not bothered to actually read any of the basics after all. START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

The real experts, the guys in these forums, are telling you that is BS. If you go to some hack PE guru they will cheerfully tell you what ever you want to hear, as long as you keep paying them. Wrong. It is certainly possible to gain an inch by Christmas. Guys gain that much and even more in the time frame mentioned. But plenty of guys do everything right and don’t gain that much in a year. Yes. Given that you had gained and then lost an inch you probably will gain it back and quite likely a bit more as well. But it isn’t guaranteed. Anyone that claims to be able to guarantee you 2”s by Christmas is selling you something.

If you are going to pump, do so at low pressure.Vacuum Pumping 101

If you are going to hang, do the Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine for >3 months first and study up before hand as well. Hanging 101.

The Wench is a good hanger. Homemade Hanger Models and Instructions It is comfortable and doubles as an extender. It slips a bit at heavy weights but plenty of guys go their entire hanging career without ever going that heavy.

Thanks for the excellent advice !

Originally Posted by scottydont518
I tried to gain just length by hanging for more than a month; it didn’t work. As soon as I started wet jelqs (mostly did dry), I started to gain length with a short stretch routine prior and no hanging.

Really !! But some guys here only hang and grew. Every one’s different I guess.

Originally Posted by kdong
Based on observation and analysis, the only thing that might allow you to come close is an ADS/Andropenis type extender. I am not sure which one, but the one manufacture in Germany has data that says more than 1” in length in a year is possible (IIRC).

That said, you have to wear the mechanism all-day, under your pants.

My friend.. I bought this andro penis, piece of broke after awhile, my shlong would slip off and unconfortable. Tension also was not strong enough. So maybe I might have to do the newbie routine.


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